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    Hardware Description 4 Hardware Description The 3Com OfficeConnect 10/100 NIC is equipped with: • RJ-45 Connector for 10/100 Mbps • 1 LED indicator The components of the 3Com OfficeConnect 10/100 NIC are shown in the figure below: Hardware Description 5 LED Functions The following figure and table describe the operation of the 3Com OfficeConnect 10/100 NIC status LED: Status Description On Amber Indicates a valid 10BASE-T link Flashing Amber Indicates 10 Mbps network activity On Green Indicates a valid 100BASE-TX link Flashing Green Indicates 100 Mbps network activity Remote LAN Wakeup 6 Remote LAN Wakeup Remote LAN Wakeup capability is a key feature of a centrally managed PC environment. This technology enables networked PCs to be “woken up” from a sleep or powered-off state so they can be managed from a central location, at any time of the day or night. To employ Remote LAN Wakeup, three elements are required: • Desktop management software that can send a “wake-up” packet to a PC. • A Wake-On-LAN enabled PC motherboard that can supply low-level auxiliary power to a network card when the PC is powered off. • A Wake-On-LAN network card that can recognize a wake-up packet and signal the PC to power up. A Wake-On-LAN enabled PC is never completely powered off, it maintains a low-level auxiliary power supply to the motherboard. Even if the PC is powered off the network card is always active and monitoring the network. When a wake-up packet is detected, the card signals the motherboard to power up the PC. With the PC powered on, maintenance and other support tasks can be performed. Installation Warning: Network cards are sensitive to static electricity. To protect the card, avoid touching its electrical components and always touch the metal chassis of your computer before handling the card. 1. Switch off the computer, unplug the power cord, and remove the computer’s cover. 2. Select an unused PCI bus-master slot and remove its protective bracket. .....
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