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AEG Vampyrette



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    2 Funzional ità/ accessori 1. Bastone superiore 2. Supporto del cav o 3. Regol azione di potenza* 4. V ite di bl occaggio 5. Sacch etto raccogl ipol v ere 6. Fil tro del m otore/ m icrofil tro 7. Bocch etta per tappeti/ pav im enti duri 8. T ubo estensibil e 9 . Fl essibil e* 10. Attrezzo per fessure* 11. Spazzol a per l a pol v ere* 12. T racol l a* *= Sol o per al cuni m odel l i. Fonctions /Accessoires 1. M anch e 2. Supportde câbl e 3. Régl age de l a puissance* 4. V is de bl ocage du m anch e 5. Com partim entsac à poussière 6. Fil tre m oteur/ m icrofil tre 7. Suceur pour tapis/ sol s durs 8. T ube rigide 9 . Fl exibl e* 10. Suceur l ong pour fentes* 11. Brosse m eubl es* 12. Bandoul ière* *= Suiv antl es m odèl es. I F 3 Safety precautions T h is v acuum cl eaner sh oul d onl y be used for norm al v acuum ing in a dom estic env ironm ent. T h is appl iance is notintended for use by persons (incl uding ch il dren) w ith reduced ph ysical ,sensory or m ental capabil ities,or l ack ofexperience and k now l edge,unl ess th ey h av e been giv en superv ision or instruction concerning use ofth e appl iance by a person responsibl e for th eir safety. Ch il dren sh oul d be superv ised to ensure th atth ey do not pl ay w ith th e appl iance. Nev er v acuum : • In w etareas. • Cl ose to fl am m abl e gases etc. • W ith outa dustbag or fil ter to av oid dam aging th e cl eaner. • W h en v acuum cl eaner body sh ow s v isibl e signs of dam age. Nev er v acuum : • Sh arp obj ects. • W ater or oth er l iq uids. • H otor col d cinders,l itcigarette butts,etc. • Fine dust,for exam pl e from pl aster,concrete,fl our, h otor col d ash es. T h e abov e m ay cause serious dam age to th e m otor – dam age w h ich is notcov ered by th e w arranty. El ectrical safety precautions • Regul arl y ch eck th atth e cabl e is notdam aged. Nev er use th e v acuum cl eaner ifth e cabl e is dam aged. • Ifth e suppl y cord is dam aged,itm ustbe repl aced by th e m anufacturer,its serv ice agentor sim il arl y q ual ified person in order to av oid a h azard. • Dam age to th e m ach ine’s cabl e is notcov ered by th e w arranty. • Nev er pul l or l iftth e v acuum cl eaner by th e cabl e. • Disconnectth e pl ug from th e m ains before cl eaning or m aintenance ofth e v acuum cl eaner. • Al l serv icing and repairs m ustbe carried outby an auth orised AEG– El ectrol ux serv ice centre. • Be sure to k eep th e v acuum cl eaner in a dry pl ace. Sich erh eitsv ork eh rungen Der Staubsauger darfnur für norm al es Staubsaugen im H aush al tv erw endetw erden. Personen (einsch l ießl ich Kind .....
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