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    INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Io Phono Stage. It has been engineered to deliver the highest attainable sound quality from your turntable. Only the highest grade electronic components are used in the Io, including: non-inductive wirewound resistors in the signal path; polystyrene, polypropylene, and Nichicon electrolytic power supply, bypass, and signal capacitors; low noise matched vacuum tubes; glass epoxy dual mono circuit boards; 20 gauge steel chassis; custom wound high flux power transformers. PLACEMENT The Io main unit should be located away from possible sources of hum such as power cords, power transformers and the like. It should not be located on top of its own power supply or any other heat source such as a power amplifier. It must be kept well ventilated for proper operation. If it is positioned within an enclosed space then fans may be warranted. All air vents must remain unobstructed. The power supply is the main source of heat and should therefore be positioned for adequate ventilation and away from the main unit, if possible. Placement of the power supply immediately below the main unit reduces tube life. Rev 2.5 April 8, 2002 2 CONFIGURATION THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURES SHOULD ONLY BE ATTEMPTED WITH THE POWER CORD DISCONNECTED. INPUT IMPEDANCE: Note: If 47K ohms is the desired input impedance, the unit comes factory configured for this setting. The following instructions may be skipped. The input impedance of Io may be configured to virtually any useful value. On the back panel of the main unit, locate the section labeled “INPUT IMPEDANCE”. Two jumpers (and a spare) are supplied with Io, one for the left channel and one for the right. Locate the desired input impedance and its corresponding jumper position in the following table: IMPEDANCE JUMPER POSITION 10K 10 4.75K 9 1K 8 475 7 243 6 121 5 75 4 40.2 3 20 2 10 1 Orient the supplied jumper vertically and insert onto protruding pins below the desired position number (use needle-nose pliers). Do the same for the remaining channel. If an intermediate not listed value of input impedance is desired, please contact the factory. Virtually any value is easily attainable. Rev 2.5 April 8, 2002 3 GAIN ADJUSTMENT: Important note: Io with volume controls has no internal gain adjustment. Use volume controls. 1. Ensure that the power cord is disconnected from the Io preamp. 2. To ensure proper capacitor discharge, wait a minimum of 20 minutes before removing top cover. Inside an Io main unit there are two circuit boards, one for the left channel and one for the right. Each of these circuit boards contains two jumper blocks, which are u .....
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