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    39 V Inenn = 150 mA 3 m ca.0,3m Specification The crossed out wheeled bin on the product means that this belongs to the group of Electro- and electronic apparatus. In this context you are directed by the European regulation to dispose of used apparatus - at the point of buying an item of equal proportion / value - at the local available collection point for disposal With this you will participate in the reuse of material and valorisation of disused electric- and electronic apparatus, which otherwise could be a health hazard and be negative to the environment. PlugInPowerSupply STE 30/ ST 40/ STE 40 Plug In Power Supply - Output Voltage - Output Power - Cable length Interconnection Cable -Length ConnectionofPowerSupplyUnit to STE 40 PlugInPowerSupply STE 30/ ST 40/ STE 40 Should you want to operate an STE 40 on your ST 40, then it will become necessary to connect a seperate power supply unit to the STE 40. Any additional STE 40 which is connected to the ST 40 will be powered by the same power supply. Connect the power supply to the socket marked and guide the cable through the cable channel of the STE 40. ConnectionofPowerSupplyUnit to ST40 S0-TK Modulslot 1 Modulslot 2 Connecton for optional power supply or optional STE 40 PlugInPowerSupply STE 30/ ST 40/ STE 40 Please note: That due to a higher power consumption of the AGFEO ST 40 and the limited capacity of the systems already on the market such as the AS 40P (P400-1), AS 4000 (P400-1) und AS 100 IT (P400 IT) you may require an additional power supply units. The ST40 will have a max. power consumption of 1.7 Watt when under full load, like all LED’s lit, optional answering machine module A-40 installed and the phone is ringing at full volume. The max. output for a S0 440 module is 4.5 Watt for each two ports combined. This would mean that in the worst case scenario two ST 40’s and one ST 30 (P max. 1.3 Watt) would already exceed the maximum limit set. This could activate the overload protection circuit and shut down the power supply of the relevant combined ports. (System Phones are none functional / S0 bus no power. Power will be restored after system reset) In such cases it is suggested to connect an external power supply to the ISDN bus to avoid such eventualities. Please connect the RJ plug of the power supply to the socket marked with this symbol and guide the cable through the cable channel of the ST 40. ConnectionofPowerSupplyto STE 30 PlugInPowerSupply STE 30/ ST 40/ STE 40 Internal S0 Supplied connection cable STE30withPhone (see also Manual STE 30): The plug in power supply unit will power both the STE30 and ST 30. Please replace the cab .....
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