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    1 Welcome Thank you very much for purchasing this product. Before you start, you are recommended to read this manual step by step to obtain the best results with your new auto camcorder. We hope you enjoy it. AIPTEK Team About the Product GS 372 is specifically designed for video recording whilst driving. In the case of an emergency, the embedded bump sensor automatically detects the accident and saves the action on protected memory. Unlike most dashcams, the rear-view mirror design and invisible LCD display allow GS 372 to be kept permanently in the car without being mounted and dismounted for each trip. The extra-large and anti- glare mirror provides a better rear view to enhance driving safety. Built-in with 130 ° wide-angle and adjustable lens, GS 372 works perfectly with both passenger cars and trucks. With Full HD resolution, GS 372 records full action on the road in the best quality. Important Notice 1. Please do not install this auto camcorder at a place that would obstruct or reduce a driver’s view. Make sure your usage complies with the vehicle codes of your state or country. 2. Do not drop, puncture or disassemble the device and charger; otherwise the warranty will become void. 3. Avoid all contact with liquids. Dry your hands before using the device. 4. Use the device with care. Avoid pressing hard on the device body. 5. Only use the accessories supplied by the manufacturer. 6. Keep the device out of the reach of infants. 7. When you get out of the car, do not leave the device on the dashboard where it is subject to direct sunlight or extreme EN 2 temperatures (too high or too low) which tend to degrade or damage the unit and it’s normal functionality. 8. For your own safety, do not operate the controls of the product while driving. This product is intended to be used as an auto camcorder aid only. 9. The cigarette lighter of your car may or may not continue to supply power after the engine is turned off. Please disconnect the charger from the cigarette lighter before leaving the car to prevent the car’s battery from going flat or other accidents. 10. The battery of the car camcorder is integrated in the device. Do not dissemble and modify the device. The battery should be replaced by an authorized service center only. 11. For software or manual update, please visit the official website: If the time arises to throw away your product, please recycle all the components possible. Batteries and rechargeable batteries are not to be disposed in your domestic waste! Please recycle them at your local recycling point. Together we can help to protect the environment. Pack .....
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