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    SportyCam Z3 e-Manual Page 2 EN Welcome at Aiptek Thank you very much for purchasing this SportyCam Z3 from Aiptek. SportyCam Z3 is a Full HD outdoor camcorder with an ultra wide-angle lens. Small, light and fully equipped with the best hardware, the Z3 is the ultimate tool for all outdoor activities like diving, surfing, climbing, and biking. Equipped with a wide range of mount plates and fixing material the SportyCam Z3 can be fixed under all circumstances. The Full HD wide-angle lens is recording in uncompromising quality. Operate Z3 easily and comfortable with the handy remote control. Or enjoy your experiences again by connecting SportyCam Z3 to your HDTV. No matter which activity, no matter how deep or high, SportyCam Z3 will follow you. Before you start enjoying this product it’s recommend to read this manual and follow the instructions step by step to get the best result with your new outdoor camera. Best Regards, Aiptek Team Safety Notice 1. Do not drop, puncture, roll or disassemble the camera; otherwise the warranty will be voided. 2. Avoid all contact with water, and dry hands before using. 3. Do not expose to high temperature or leave in direct sunlight. 4. Use the Camera with care. Make sure there are no sharp things scratch the display and lens of the camera. Keep away things made of metal. 5. For your own safety, avoid using the Camera when there is a storm or lightning. 6. Use only the accessories supplied by the manufacturer. 7. Keep the camera out of the reach of infants. If the time arises to throw away your product, please recycle all the components possible. Batteries and rechargeable batteries are not to be disposed in your domestic waste! Please recycle them at your local recycling point. Together we can help to protect the environment. SportyCam Z3 e-Manual Page 3 EN Content S Sy ys st te em m R Re eq qu ui ir re em me en nt ts s 3 3 P Pa ac ck ka ag ge e C Co on nt te en nt t 4 4 K Kn no ow wi in ng g y yo ou ur r C Ca am me er ra a 7 7 O Op pe er ra at ti in ng g I In ns st tr ru uc ct ti io on ns s 8 8 R Re ec co or rd di in ng g 1 10 0 R Re em mo ot te e C Co on nt tr ro ol l 1 10 0 S Se et tt ti in ng gs s 1 12 2 F Fi il le e S St to or ra ag ge e a an nd d P Pl la ay y 1 14 4 C Co on nn ne ec ct ti in ng g Y Yo ou ur r C Ca am me er ra a 1 15 5 S Sp pe ec ci if fi ic ca at ti io on ns s 1 17 7 System Requirements Operating System Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7 CPU AMD or Intel CPU with 3.2 GHz or Multicore CPU RAM 1 GB (2 GB recommended) Graphic card 256 MB memory Software H.264 decoder (Quick Time Player 7.4.1 or above) Other 1 free USB port, CD .....
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