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    TOP PANEL: BA115 BASS AMPLIFIER HEADPHONES LINE OUT POWER CD INPUT GAIN MASTER STYLE TREBLE ULTRA MID BASS 1 2 3 4 5 0dB -15dB INPUT ON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 12 1. 0dB INPUT: Connect your “passive” bass guitar here using a shielded instru- ment cable. This input is not padded and is best suited for basses without active electronics or “hot” pickups. 2. -15dB INPUT: Connect your “active” bass here using a shielded instrument cable. This input is padded 15dB and is best suited for basses with active elec- tronics and/or “hot” pickups. 3. GAIN: Use this control in conjunction with your instrument’s volume controls to adjust the level of the signal sent to the preamp. 4. MASTER: Use this control to adjust the overall listening level of the amplifier. This control is also used to adjust the sig- nal level at the Line Out jack (#11). 5. STYLE: This five-position switch is used to control the tone of the amplifier. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECI- FICATIONS on the back page of this manual for an explanation of the function of each position. Experiment with the Style and other eq controls (#6,7,8) for the results which suit you best. 6. TREBLE: This control is used in con- junction with the style control to adjust the high frequency level of the amplifier. 7. ULTRA MID: This control is used in conjunction with the style control to adjust the midrange level of the amplifier. 8. BASS: This control is used in con- junction with the style control to adjust the low frequency level of the amplifier. 9. CD INPUT: These jacks (RCA type) are used to connect the line level (or headphones) output of a CD player or tape deck. The inputs to these jacks are summed into a mono signal which is fed into the BA115 just prior to its power amplifier. Use the volume control on the CD or tape player to control the output level. 10. HEADPHONES: The internal speak- er is disconnected when the head- phones jack is used. 11. LINE OUT: This jack supplies a post- eq, balanced line level signal for con- necting to a house sound board, record- ing unit or external amplifier. The ampli- tude of this signal is adjusted by the Master control (#4). 12. ON LED: This LED is illuminated when the amplifier is plugged in and turned on. 13. POWER: This switch is used to turn the amplifier on or off. BA115 BASS AMPLIFIER IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS AND PRECAUTIONS: All Ampeg products are designed for continuous safe operation. Abiding by the fol- lowing rules can help prevent damage to your amplifier, yourself and others. • The amplifier is equipped with a three-pronged AC power cord. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, NEVE .....
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