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    Back-UPS® RS Installation and Operation 2 Connect the equipment Connect the equipment 1.Connect equipment to the Battery Backup and Surge Protection outlets. When the Back-UPS is receiving AC power, these outlets will supply power to connected equipment. During a power outage or other utility problems, the Battery Backup outlets receive power for a limited time from the unit. 2.Use the AC power cord to connect the Back-UPS directly to a utility power outlet. 3.Connect a router or cable modem to the corresponding ports. Install PowerChute® Personal Edition software 1.Connect the supplied USB software interface cable to the data port, and the other end to a computer with access to the internet. 2.Go to 3.Select PowerChute Personal Edition. Then select the appropriate operating system and follow the instructions to download the software. Operation Display interface Description, if the icon is illuminated:  On Line—The UPS is supplying utility power to connected equipment  Power-Saving—Master and controlled outlets are enabled, saving power when the master device goes into sleep or standby mode  Load Capacity—The load is indicated by the number of sections illuminated, one to five. If the load exceeds the rated capacity, the Overload symbol will flash off and on.  Battery Charge—The battery charge level is indicated by the number of sections illuminated. When all five blocks are illuminated, the Back- UPS is at full charge. When one block is filled, the Back-UPS is near the end of its battery capacity, the indicator will flash and the unit will beep continuously.  Overload—The power demand from the load has exceeded the capacity of the Back-UPS.  Event—An event has occurred and the unit needs attention.  Automatic Voltage Regulation—The unit is compensating for extremely low input voltage, but is not using battery power.  In—Input voltage. Out—Output voltage.  System Faults—The system has a fault. The fault number will illuminate on the display interface. See “System Faults” on page 4.  Mute—The audible alarm has been turned off.  Replace Battery—The battery is not connected or is nearing the end of its useful life. Replace the battery.  On Battery—The unit is supplying battery backup power to the connected equipment, it will beep four times every 30 seconds. bu089a bu027a Back-UPS® RS Installation and Operation 3 Modes of operation Press DISPLAY to scroll through the display screens. Other status indicators Configuration Power-Saving Master and Controlled outlets To conserve electricity, configure the Back-UPS .....
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