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    July 05 4 For example, if you would like to record a CD and at the same time rather listen to the Tuner instead, set the Record selector to CD and the input selector to Tuner. For maximum performance during normal playback set the record selector to off, when no recording is required. Volume Control – This control adjusts the listening level or loudness, set as desired. Balance Control – This control adjusts the relative left/right levels. Use this control if necessary to equalize the loudness from each speaker. BEDDING IN The new amplifier requires about 200 hours of initial use (called “bedding in”) before the circuitry becomes stable and optimum performance is realized. As the amplifier “beds in” the sound will become increasingly smoother, detailed and open. Once the amplifier has “bedded in” a warm up time of approximately 30 to 45 minutes is required each time the amplifiers are switched on before optimum sonic performance is reached. AFTER CARE No special maintenance is required for the amplifiers. Cleaning is best made with a soft cloth or soft brush. Use a soft cloth dampened in mild, warm and weak soapy solution to remove grease or oily substances. Strong or alcohol based solvents may damage the finish of the amplifiers. Do not clean the amplifier while the unit is switched on. UPGRADING THE MEISHU A feature of Audio Note amplifiers is upgradeability so that you can upgrade your amplifier to a Signature and Silver status without replacing it. Upgrading some of the valves is also beneficial eg:- Western Electric 300B (expensive but excellent). Ask us or your dealer for details TUBE REPLACEMENTS The valves used in the amplifiers should provide approximately 6000 hours of operation. These valves are specially selected and carefully matched by Audio Note for use with the Meishu and should only be replaced with matched pairs. Please consult your Audio Note dealer should the performance of the amplifiers deteriorate so that arrangements for valve replacements can be made. July 05 5 WARRANTY AND SERVICING Audio Note warrants this product free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from original date of purchase from an appointed Audio Note dealer. The valves are warranted for 3 months. In the event that your Audio Note product requires servicing, please contact your Audio Note dealer. If the equipment needs to be shipped, please use the original packaging and include a copy of the sales purchase, with a note explaining in as much detail as possible, the problems that you are experiencing with the unit. Any modification not authorized by Audio Note will invalidate this w .....
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