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    Voice over IP Headset Operating Instructions IH−8 1. Important Information Technical data S Standard VoIP headset (Voice over Internet Protocol) S Power supply via the USB port S Permissible ambient temperature 10ºC to 30ºC System requirements S Windows 2000 (SP4) and later S USB port S 32 MB RAM or more S Pentium II or higher S Internet connection from 28 kb/s or broadband connection Declaration of Conformity This device fulfils the requirements stipulated in the EU directive: 1999/5/EU Directive on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity". Conformity with the above mentioned directive is confirmed by the CE symbol on the device. Note: To view the complete Declaration of Conformity, please refer to the free download available on our web site Version 1.0 − 15.06.2005 2. General Information Please read this operating instruction manual thoroughly. In the case of any questions, please contact our Service Hotline 0180 5 00 13 88 (cost via Telekom at time of going to print: 12 ct/min). Under no circumstances open the device or complete any repair work yourself. In the case of claims under the terms of guarantee, contact your sales outlet. We reserve the right to make technical and optical modifications to the product during the course of product improvement. Intended use This headset has been developed for use via a USB port on a PC. Caution: This product may only be used in connection with a source of electrical power which fulfils the requirements in respect of sources of limited power" in compliance with IEC 60950 or corresponding safety standards. Power failure The headset cannot be used to make calls in the event of a power failure. Always have a standard cable−connected telephone close to hand, which can be used without connection to a PC and Internet, for emergencies. Installation location Normally, neither the cables, housing or other handset elements leave any marks on surfaces with which they make contact. However, due the diverse types of paints and surfaces which come into question, it cannot be fully ruled out that marks will be left on surfaces on which they make contact. Prevent excessive exposure to smoke, dust, vibration, chemicals, humidity, heat or direct sunlight. Temperature and ambient conditions The telephone is designed for use in protected rooms with a temperature range from 10 °C to 30 °C. It should not be used in rooms exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms or laundries. Do not locate the device in the vicinity of sources of heat such as radiators, and never expose it to direct sunlight. .....
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