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    Just take a look: With the IPC’s digital power readout it’s very easy to check whether your car audio system is receiving sufficient power. In addition the IPC has an integrated power tester that instantly detects voltage fluctuations. If the voltage supply is stable all LEDs are on. In case of severe voltage fluctuations, the LEDs go out from green to red. The Intelligent Power Caps from BRAX are an impres- sive example of what can be achieved in high-powe- red car audio systems with the combination of exceptionally high capacities and smart electronics. From the most subtle voltage fluctuations to the extreme loading peaks that result from low bass tones, the Intelligent Power Caps efficiently compen- sate for every power variable. The result from the smart electronics is improved amplifier performance and a high in car audio sound quality. The IPC benefits in brief: ● Higher amplifier output power ● Digital voltage control ● Integrated 7-LED power tester ● Constant current charge control ● Incorrect pole connection protection with digital readout ● Over-voltage protection upwards of 17 volts ● Automatic turn-on ● Vibration protection ● Minimum internal resistance <0,9 mOhm ● Easy and fast installation The BRAX IPCs are connected directly parallel to the supply voltage of the amplifier. The principle that applies is the shorter the leads from the IPC to the amplifier, the better the sound quality. If the IPC is to be used to stabilize two or more amplifiers, the plus distributor terminal offers the ideal stabilization point. The BRAX IPC technology allows outstanding perfor- mance without the need for a remote link. When it detects even the slightest fluctuations in voltage it cuts to stabilize the power supply. If no power is required, the IPC automatically shuts down after one minute. In addition to the automatic Turn-on the BRAX IPC 2 Farad can also be operated with a remote link. Just connect the remote wire to the remote connector. Attention! The red and green LED located aside of the digital display are integrated as a connection contol. When connected incorrectly the red LED is on. The green LED is on after correct connection and goes off after loading. It is also on while the cap is operated. Integrated digital power readout and power tester BRAX® IPC Intelligent Power Caps The BRAX IPCs are easy to connect: Technical data: IPC 500.00µF Height: 205 mm Diameter: 75 mm Capacity: >500.00µF IPC 1.000.00µF Height: 282 mm Diameter: 75 mm Capacity: >1.000.00µF IPC 2.000.00µF Height: 282 mm Diameter: 90 mm Capacity: >2.000.00µF AUDIOTEC FISCHER GMBH HÜNEGRÄBEN 26 D-573 .....
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