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    4 How to Wire Your Speakers You need to wire your speakers correctly to obtain the best sound quality and the proper image. Wiring should just take a few minutes, but it’s important to do it carefully, since incorrect wiring (such as reversed connec- tions) can result in a poor soundstage or poor bass. We recommend using 18-gauge or larger speaker wire for runs up to 25 feet (8m), and thicker 16-gauge or larg- er for longer runs. Strip 1 /2 -inch (12mm) of insulation off the ends of each speaker cable to expose the two con- ductors and tightly twist the wire strands. Maintain consistency of the + (red) and – (black) connections by using the markings on the wire. IMPORTANT: Typically, one side of the wire is smooth. Connect this side to the – (black) connection. The other side has a rib or stripe. Connect this to the + (red) connection. Using the five-way binding posts: The binding posts permit easy connection to banana plugs, pins, spade lugs, and bare wire. The metal surfaces are plated with 24K gold to prevent corrosion. Insert the wire in the hole and tighten 5 Connections WARNING: To prevent electrical shock, always switch off the amplifier or receiver when making connections to the speaker. Wire the Micro100x satellites as shown. Consult your subwoofer's manual for the proper way to connect your subwoofer to your system. Placement For best results, place the speakers as shown. A Note on Micro100x Surround Channel Placement For the most realistic surround effects, place the surround speakers so the sound is diffused around the listening area. Avoid pointing them directly at the listeners. 6 Bookshelf Mounting Self-adhesive cone-shaped aluminum feet are provided to stabilize the speaker when used on speaker stands or on the television. The speaker may also be angled up or down by using the feet only at the front or rear of the speaker. Wall-Mounting the Micro100x The Micro100x may be wall-mounted using the supplied bracket. The speaker may be mounted vertically or horizontally. The included toggle bolts are designed for mounting on plasterboard. Consult a knowledgeable installer for the proper hardware to use on your wall. .....
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