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    Thank you for choosing one of our products. To get the most out of your oven we recommend that you: • Read the notes in this manual carefully: they contain important instructions on how to install, use and service this oven safely. • Keep this booklet in a safe place for easy, future reference. When the oven is first switched on it may give out acrid smelling fumes. This is because the bonding agent for insulating panels around the oven has been heated up for the first time. This is a completely normal, if it does occur you merely have to wait for the fumes to clear before putting the food into the oven. An oven by its very nature becomes very hot. Especially the glass of the oven door. Do not allow children to go near the oven when it is hot, especially when the grill is on. GENERAL WARNINGS To locate the fixing holes, open the oven door and look inside. To allow adequate ventilation, the measurements and distances indicated in the diagram on front page must be adhered to when fixing the oven. Note: For ovens that are combined with a hob unit the instructions contained in the manual for the hob unit must be followed. IMPORTANT If the oven is to work properly, the kitchen housing must be suitable. The panels of the kitchen unit that are next to the oven must be made of a heat resistant material. Ensure that the glues of units made of veneered wood can withstand temperatures of at least 120 °C. Plastics or glues that cannot withstand such temperatures will melt and deform the unit. Once the oven has been lodged inside the unit, the electrical parts must be completely insulated. This is a legal safety requirement. All guards must be firmly fixed into place so that it is impossible to remove them without using special tools. Remove the back of the kitchen unit to ensure an adequate current of air circulates around the oven. The hob must have a rear gap of at least 45 mm. CONNECTING TO THE POWER SUPPLY Plug into the power supply. Ensure first that there is a third contact that acts as earthing for the oven. The oven must be properly earthed. If the model of oven is not fitted with a plug, fit a standard plug to the power cable. It must be able to bear the power supply indicated on the specifications plate. The earthing cable is yellow- green. The plug must be fitted by a properly qualified person. If the socket and the plug are incompatible the socket must be changed by a properly qualified person. A properly qualified person must also ensure that the power cables can carry the current required to operate the oven. An ON/OFF switch with a minimum distance of 3 mm between contacts may also be connected .....
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