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    Set Receiver to Match Remote Control Code 1. Figure 1. Press and hold the selected remote control push button ➊. (On Model 4332E, the push button ➋ is normally used only for code switch application.) 2. Press and release the "Smart" button ➌ on the opener panel. The opener light will flash once. Release the remote push button. Now the opener will operate when the remote push button is pressed. If you release the remote control push button before the opener light flashes, the opener has not accepted the code. To Erase All Programmed Codes • Press and hold the "Smart" button on the opener panel until the indicator light ❹ turns off (about 6 seconds). All the codes the opener has learned will be erased. • To reprogram the opener, repeat Steps 1 and 2 above. Match the Code: For Remotes With Code Switches ONLY In general, code switches are used when several persons are operating the same device. The code switches must be set to matching positions in all remotes used to operate the same receiver. • Remove case screw and separate the housing. • Access code switches in original and new remote control. • Place remotes side by side as shown in Figure 2 and set switches ➎ in all remote controls to matching positions (+, –, 0). Use a pen or screwdriver to slide the code switches. • Reassemble case. Press and hold the push button on one of the remote controls. Press and release the “Smart” button on the opener. The opener light will flash. Release the remote push button. Now the opener will operate with all remotes having matching code switch positions. The battery should produce power for at least a year. The lithium batteries should produce power for up to 5 years. To replace batteries, use the visor clip or screwdriver blade to pry open the case, as shown Figure 3. (“Open” location is stamped on back.) Models 4330E & 4333E: Insert batteries positive side up. Model 4335E: Insert batteries positive side down. To replace cover, snap shut along both sides. Indstil modtageren, så den svarer til fjernbetjeningens kode 1. Figur 1. Tryk på og hold fjernbetjeningens trykknapp nede ➊. (På model 4332E, benyttes trykknappen ➋ normalt kun i forbindelse med kodekontakten. Se følgende instruktion). 2. Tryk på og slip “Smart”-knappen ➌ på åbnerens panel. Abnerens lys blinker nu 1 gang. Slip fjernbetjeningens trykknap. Nu kan åbneren betjenes, ved tryk på fjerbetjeningens trykknap. Hvis du slipper trykknappen på fjernbetjeningen, før åbnerlyset blinker, har åbneren ikke accepteret koden. Således slettes alle programmerede koder • Tryk pa og hold “Smart”-knappen på åb .....
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