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+ COPYRIGHT NOTICE Thank you for purchasing a COWON product. We do our utmost to deliver DIGITAL PRIDE to our customers. This manual contains information on how to use the product and the precautions to take during use. If you familiarize yourself with this manual, you will have a more enjoyable digital experience. Introduction to website + The address of the product-related website is + You can download the latest information on our products and the most recent firmware updates from our website. + For first-time users, we provide an FAQ section and a user guide. + Become a member of the website by using the serial number on the back of the product to register the product. You will then be a registered member. + Once you become a registered member, you can use the one-to-one enquiry service to receive online customer advice. You can also receive information on new products and events by e-mail. + COPYRIGHT NOTICE General + COWON is a registered trademark of COWON SYSTEMS, INC. + COWON SYSTEMS, INC. owns the copyright to this manual, and any unauthorized distribution of its contents, whether in part or in its entirety, is strictly prohibited. + COWON SYSTEMS, INC. complies with laws and regulations related to records, disks, videos and games. Users are also encouraged to comply with the relevant laws and regulations. + As soon as you purchase the product, visit the website (, and become a registered member. You will benefit from various member services. + This manual is based on product specifications, and various exemplary texts, illustrations, pictures, detailed functions and H/W and S/W specifications contained herein can be altered without any prior notice by the copyright owner. BBE information + BBE Sound, Inc. owns the license to the BBE name and information as applied to this product, in compliance with USP4638258, 5510752 and 5736897. + BBE and the BBE symbol are registered trademarks of BBE Sound, Inc. All rights reserved by COWON SYSTEMS, Inc. .....
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