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    EVOLUTION 2 COMPACT DISC PLAYER OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FRONT PANEL CONTROLS p Open/Close.Thisisatoggleswitch-eachpresseitheropensorclosesthedrawer. u ; Play/Pause. Presstoplay.Presstopause(whileplaying) u u Scanforward/Skipforward.Presstoskiptracks.Pressandholdtoscanforwardonthetrackwhichisplaying. t t Presstoskipback.Pressandholdtoscanbackonthetrackwhichisplaying. n Stop.Presstostopthediscplaying. LOADING/REMOVINGADISC To load or remove a disc, press the open/close button on the front panel or select open/close in the centre of the top rowofbuttonsontheremotehandset.‘OPEN’willappearinthedisplay. PLAYINGADISC To play a disc from the beginning, press play on the front panel or the play button on the remote handset. The number of tracks and total playing time will appear in the display. It will then show the track number which is playing andtheelapsedtimeofthattrack. SELECTINGSPECIFICTRACKS To select a specific track on a disc, press the track number on the remote handset. The number will appear in the displayandthetrackwillbegintoplay.Theelapsedtimeonthattrackwillalsobedisplayed. PLAYINGRANDOMTRACKS If you wish to play tracks on a CD in a random order, load the disc and press play. To go to random play press the random button on the remote handset. An ‘R’ will appear in the window together with the track number which is playingandtheelapsedtimeonthattrack.Thisfeatureisavailableonlybyusingtheremotecontrol. SCAN Pressing the scan button gives you the first ten seconds of every track on the disc. If you hear one you like then press playandthattrackwillplayinfull. Page Two REAR PANEL PROGRAMMING DISC PLAY This feature is available only via the remote handset. This feature allows you to play tracks in your preferred sequence. It is not possible to programme the CD player while thediscisplaying.PresstheSTOPbuttonfirst,thenenteraprogram. Toprogramadesiredsequenceoftracks,followthesesteps: PressthePROGbuttonontheremotecontrolhandsetandthedisplayontheCDplayerwillflash‘P’. Selectyourdesiredfirsttrackbuyusingthenumericbuttonsonyourremotehandset. PressthePROGbuttonontheremotehandset.Thisstoresthetrack. RepeatthisprocessstartingoncemorebypressingthePROGbuttonuntilalldesiredtracksarestored. Whenfinished,pressPLAYandthetrackswillbeplayedinthestoredsequence.Whenplaying,theletterMwillappear onthedisplaybetweenthetracknumberandtheelapsedtimeofthetrackplaying. PressingOpen/Closeclearsthememory. REPEATFUNCTIONS Thisfunctionisavailableonlyviatheremotecontrolhandset. MakesurethatthePROGRAMfunctionhasnotbeenselected. Press the REPEAT button once and the letter T will appear in the display Select the desired track .....
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