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2 Installation of DU-CP under Win98 Note : 1. Please install DU-CP at the procedure below. 2. Plug the USB cable into the downstream port located in the back of your computer or USB HUB port. Step A: To install the DU-CP drivers. A1. (1) Please insert the driver disk. (2) Click “Next” to continue. (Ref Figure A-1) A2. Click "Next" to continue. (Ref Figure A-2) 3 A3. (1) Select “Floppy disk drives” or “Specify a location”. (2) Click "Next" to start and search. (Ref Figure A-3) A4. Click "Next" to continue. (Ref Figure A-4) A5. Click “Finish”, Windows has finished installing the device. (Ref Figure A-5) 4 Step B: To setting the printer port. B1. Be sure to set printer port configuration to "PB1284-1 [USB Port]". Note: Since some bi-directional printers are not supported by the driver, bi-directional function must be disabled until installation and testing are completed. You can later enable bi-directional function to test if driver supports connected bi-directional printers. 5 USB device installed list as following A) If the “DU-CP" device is installed successfully, You can move the cursor to “My computer”. Click the mouse right bottom. It will show a dialog then click “properties”, it will show a dialog” System properties”. Then click “Device Manager”. Then select “DU-CP USB Parallel Port”. It will show a new direction “DU-CP USB Parallel Interface Controller”. 6 Uninstallation A) (1) Select “DU-CP”. (2) Click “Uninstall” to uninstall drivers of DU-CP. B) If you wish to uninstall the driver, please select “Yes” to continue. C) Please click “Yes” to restart the system and complete the device’s removal. .....
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