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    3 ?? Over-current and high-inrush current protections INSTALLATION The DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub was designed to be simple and easy to install. Aspect Description 4 Hardware Installation 1. Plug the included adapter into the rear of the DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub and an available electrical outlet. 2. Plug the B-type connector into the “Upstream Port”. 3. Plug the A -type connector into a computer or USB Hub downstream port. 4. Connect USB devices to the Hub: Down-stream 1 - Downstream 4. 5. Connect legacy devices to the PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse or RS-232 serial port. Software Installation After installing the DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub, the Windows will find a new device and requests a driver program. Please insert the driver diskette enclosed and to follow up the screen instruction to complet the installing. 5 LED Indicators The DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub is equipped with 5 LED indicators: Power Indicator: This indicator lights green when the USB Hub is receiving power , otherwise, it is off. Port status LED: Per port has one status LED. When the LED lights on, means the downstream port is working successfully. Otherwise, the LED light is off. USB Connector Pin Assignment Receptacle A Series-A Plug Receptacle B Series-B Plug .....
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