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  • Matrix Printer Dascom LA650+

  • Vorschau Dascom LA650+ Handbuch:
    User guide Table of contents I Table of contents Introduction 1 Printer features 1 Symbols used 1 About this manual 2 Printer at a glance 3 Printer in tractor mode 4 Printer in single-sheet mode 4 Paperway 5 Installation 6 Unpacking the printer 6 Placing your printer 7 Checking the printer voltage 8 Connecting the printer 8 Switching on the printer 9 Inserting the ribbon cassette 10 Installing the ribbon cassette the first time 10 Changing the ribbon cassette 15 Printer drivers 20 Installing a printer driver in Windows 95/98/ME 20 Installing a printer driver in Windows 2000/NT 4.0/XP 21 Other operating systems 22 Changing printer settings 23 Form settings (Windows 2000/NT 4.0/XP) 23 Graphic options 24 Loading optional firmware 25 Troubleshooting 25 The control panel 26 The LC display 27 Online mode 28 Offline mode 28 Setup mode 29 Messages in the LC display 30 Key functions when turning on the printer 31 User guide Table of contents II Paper handling 32 Changing the paper path 32 Changing the paper type in the setup menu 33 Loading paper 34 Fanfold paper 34 Single sheets 36 Paper transport 38 Moving the paper to the tear position 39 Removing paper 40 Settings 41 Setting the tear position 41 Setting the first printing line (TOF) 42 Setting the print head gap 43 Selecting character density and font (temporarily) 44 The Menu 45 Programming via the control panel 45 Enabling access to menu mode 45 Calling up the menu 45 Menu configurations (Macros) 46 Menu handling 47 Save settings 47 Selecting the LC display language 48 Terminating Setup mode 49 Menu structure 50 Menu parameters 51 Printing out macro configurations (Print) 51 Loading menu configurations (Macro) 51 Reset to default values (Reset) 52 Quiet mode printing (Quiet) 52 Selecting font (Font) 53 Setting line spacing (LPI) 54 Selecting start signal for escape sequence (ESCChar) 54 Selecting Protocol (emulation) 55 Bidirectional printing (PrintDir) 56 Settings for interfaces (I/O) 57 User guide Table of contents III Serial interface (Serial) 57 Data transmssion rate (Baud) 57 Data format (Format) 58 Buffer control (BuffCtrl) 59 Signal Processing (DTR) 59 Selecting interface (Interf.) 60 Interface buffer (Buffer) 60 Selecting interface timeout (Timeout) 61 Ethernet interface (ETH-INT) 62 Setting IP address (IP Addr) 62 Setting Gateway address (Gateway) 62 Setting Subnet mask (Subnet) 63 IP address administration (IP Get M) 64 Banner page (Banner) 64 Automatic carriage return (Auto-CR) 65 Automatic line feed (Auto-LF) 65 Menu lock (MenLock) 66 Language (Language) 67 Paper parameters (Paper) 67 Form length (Formlen) 68 First printing position (FormAdj) .....
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