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  • Wireless Access Point Dlink DWL G700AP

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    4 Introduction At up to five times the speed of previous wireless devices (up to 54Mbps), you can work faster and more efficiently, increasing productivity. With the DWL-G700AP, bandwidth- intensive applications like graphics or multimedia will benefit significantly because large files are able to move across the network quickly. The D-Link AirPlusTM G DWL-G700AP Wireless Access Point is an 802.11g high- performance, wireless device that is also compatible with 802.11b devices. It is an ideal way to extend the reach and number of computers connected to your wireless network. Capable of data transfer rates up to 54Mbps, when used with other D-Link AirPlus G products, the DWL-G700AP is compatible with most popular operating systems, including Macintosh, Linux and Windows, and can be integrated into a large network. 5 Up to 5X Faster with AirPlus G Products - high-speed wireless data transfer rates up to 54Mbps. With increased data rate and capacity, the DWL-G700AP delivers media rich content such as digital images, videos, and MP3 files much faster than standard 802.11b networks.  Fully 802.11b Compatible – Fully compatible with the IEEE 802.11b standard and interoperable with all existing 802.11b compliant devices.  Network Security with up to 128-bit WEP Encryption – Supports 64/128- bit WEP encryption for a level of security for your data and wireless communication.  Built-in DHCP Server – If enabled, it will automatically assign IP addresses to wireless clients on the local network.  Web-based interface for Managing and Configuring – Easy-to-use interface independent of the operating system.  Features and Benefits LEDS LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. The DWL-G700AP Wireless Access Point has 3 LEDs as shown below: LAN: blinking green light indicates wireless activity; solid green light indicates connection WLAN: blinking green light indicates activity; solid green light indicates connection Power: solid green light indicates connection to a power source .....
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