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    B A C D CONTROLS Footswitch toggles Effect On/Bypass (red LED indicates on). Output Knob sets compressed (attenuated) output level. Attack Level Knob sets the attack attenuation level (highest attack level is minimum attack attenuation). Sensitivity Knob sets the compression ratio (highest sensitivity is maximum compression). DIRECTIONS Similar to the historic Dyna Comp, the Super Comp gives one the advantage of being able to have an extended dynamic operating range when dealing with today’s hotter pickups. Before the addition of the Attack Level adjust- ment, the leading edge of the attack used to be lost (over compressed). Now, with this adjustment, one can preserve the dynamics of expression while maintaining the long sustain that the historic Dyna Comp provided. The Output sets the amplitude of the overall effect. The Attack Level controls the compression characteristics of the attack. The Sensitivity controls the dynamic range of compression. A B C D DUNLOP MANUFACTURING, INC. P.O. BOX 846 BENICIA, CA 94510 U.S.A. TEL: 1-707-745-2722 FAX: 1-707-745-2658 WWW.JIMDUNLOP.COM 92503001858 NOTES .....
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