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    labels. You may store as many labels as you like until the memory is full when an error flash warning is given. To make space in the memory you can edit any stored label. Extended memory allows you to store your favourite labels in the memory. You can store up to 70 characters in as many labels as you like. Each label can have its own characteristics such as bold, underline, ... To store a new label, simply press ---ll--- after the last label entered. To make space in the memory, simply edit any label. To select a label to print or edit, move the cursor any- where within the label and press print. Move the cursor with the  or  buttons or to jump between labels, use  or  . MULTIPLE COPIES + • Your LabelPoint can provide multiple copies within the range 1-20. • To use this facility press H then STYLE to show n = 1 on the display. To increase the number of copies required press . By pressing  you can work backwards from 20. To print the desired quantity press PRINT. Note: A row of vertical dots will print between each label as a cutting guide. INCREMENTAL NUMBERING + Labels can be printed in increments of 1-20 automatically. • Key in your starting number as the right most digit on the label. Press Hthen PRINT the display will automatically move up a digit to the next number. Press H then PRINT to continue the sequence. • It is also possible to include automatic incremental numbering when printing multiple copies. • Key in your starting number, egg. LABEL 1 . • Next press H then STYLE followed by  until the desired number of copies are displayed eg.10. Now press H then PRINT this will print ten labels - LABEL 1 to LABEL 10. • It is possible to print up to 20 sequentially numbered labels at any one time. LAST LABEL MEMORY • The unit will store the last label text and settings when turned off. Upon power-up, these will be restored and displayed. Removal of the batteries for more than a few seconds will cause this information to be lost. Symbols and special characters INTERNATIONAL CHARACTERS To add a diacritical (accent) to create an international character, enter the character first, followed immediately by the diacritical, e.g. press E followed by H then £ to get é. To add a diacritical to an existing character, use  or  to place the cursor under the character to be changed, then press the appropriate diacritical key. SYMBOLS + • Press H + SPACE to show symbols and special characters, some of which are not available direct from the keyboard. The display will show: A-Z Each letter selects a line of symbol characters, as shown in the table on page 2. • Pr .....
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