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    (continued) 5. When you have made a valid selection the control will beep once with a lower tone, and you can move the stick back to center for the next menu item (2 beeps, 3 beeps and so on). If you do not make a selection within 5 seconds, the controller will move to the next menu item. 6. Please note that if you do not need to program every menu item, you can simply exit the programming mode after you have made the required selections. You can do this by moving the throttle stick straight to Idle, after making your selection, or leaving it in the Idle position if you made a no selection (for approximately 8 seconds), until you hear one set of 3 medium length rising tones that indicate the controller has armed the motor, or by simply unplugging the battery. Remember, when in the programming mode: Full Throttle = Stick Up Idle = Stick Down The default settings (from the package) for your E-flite 10-Amp Pro ESC are as follows: • 3S (9V) auto cut-off for Li-Po • Brake Off • 4-pole and greater timing (outrunner or 6-pole motors) • Throttle input range set to Auto Select Mode (1.2ms-1.8ms) Programming Menu 1 – Voltage Cut-off Use this option to set the voltage at which the controller will shut down the motor to prevent damage to your battery, when it reaches the cut-off voltage. You will know that your battery pack has reached auto cut-off when you hear the motor “pulse” repeatedly. 1. 3S Li-Po voltage cut-off – Full Throttle 2. 2S Li-Po or Ni-Cd/Ni-MH voltage cut-off – Idle 3. 70% Smart Cut soft cut-off (See below for Smart Cut information) NOTE: To access the 70% Smart Cut option, leave the stick at full throttle for 7 seconds while in menu item 1, until 7 beeps are heard, then continue through the program normally. This option will activate the soft cut-off at 70% of startup voltage. For example, if your pack measures 10.0 volts at startup, then the soft cut will occur at 7.0 volts. The Smart Cut option will check the startup voltage every time you plug the battery into the controller, so beware of using partially charged packs, as the system cannot protect your Li-Po batteries if you are using Smart Cut and connect a partially charged pack. You will know your battery pack has reached soft auto cut-off when you hear the motor “pulse” repeatedly. We recommend you land your model as soon as you hear the motor pulse (indicating the pack voltage has dropped to the cut-off voltage level) to prevent over-discharge of the Li-Po battery pack, and to prevent sudden power loss. Programming Menu 2 – Braking This option gives you the choice to have the ESC stop the propeller during flight (B .....
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