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    12. Selecting a VELOCITY CURVE The VELOCITY CURVEs determine the relationship between how hard the keys are struck and the corresponding velocity that the unit transmits. This unit allows you to select from 10 VELOCITY CURVEs. 12-1 Simultaneously press the WHEEL ASSIGN and CHANNEL switches. The LED starts to flash showing the current number of the VELOCITY CURVE. 12-2 Press one of the numeric keys (0-9) to select a VELOCITY CURVE. The 10 key numbers correspond to the 10 VELOCITY CURVEs as follows: Load Load Load Load Load Load Load Load Load Load Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Soft Hard Hard Hard Hard Hard Hard Hard Hard Hard Hard You can also use the “+” or “-” switches to change the number. Note: If you don’t do anything for 5 seconds the LED stops flashing and shows the current PROGRAM CHANGE number. 13. RESET-ALL CONTROLLERS This function allows you to send a RESET-ALL CONTROLLERS message to connected equipment. 13-1 Press MEMORY and TRANSPOSE switches simultaneously. 14. GENERAL MIDI MODE RESET This function allows you to send a GENERAL MIDI MODE RESET message. 14-1 Press the TRANSPOSE and OCTAVE switches simultaneously. 15. SPECIFICATIONS 1. Keyboard: 49 standard keys (Velocity sensitive) 2. Control: Switches (WHEEL, MIDI CHANNEL, PROGRAM, MEMORY, TRANSPOSE, OCTAVE, VEL CURVE, BANK LSB, BANK MSB, RESET-AC, GM-RESET) PITCH BEND WHEEL, MODULATION WHEEL, POWER SWITCH, MASTER VOLUME, Numeric Keys (0-9) 3. Display: 3 digit LED 4. Jack: DC IN (DC 9V), MIDI OUT, SUSTAIN 5. Dimension: 805 x205 x84 (mm) 6. Weight: 3.2 kg Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. APPENDIX MIDI IMPLEMENTATION CHART Function Transmitted Received Remarks Basic :Default Channel:Changed 1-16 1-16 :Default Mode :Messages :Altered --------- X ********* Note Number:True Voice 12-120 ********* Velocity: Note ON : Note OFF 0 X After :Key’s Touch :Ch’s X Pitch Bend 0 0,32 1 2 Control 6 Change 7 10 64 0 0 Bank select Modulation Breath Control Data Entry Volume Panpot Hold 1 Program Change:True Number 0-127 ********* System Exclusive X :Song Position Common:Song Select :Tune X X X System :Clock Exclusive:Commands X X Aux :Local ON/OFF Messages:All Notes OFF :Active Sense :Reset X X 0 X Notes: : Can be set to 0 or X .....
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