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    4 Controls (continued) Microphone Position Position the microphone to find the “sweet spot” inside the instrument. Take the time to experiment with microphone placement until you find the position that works best in your instrument. Plug in the guitar and move the Blend slider to the left for mic only. Start with the mic capsule so that it faces the back of the guitar. Move the mic closer to the soundhole for more bass. Turn the capsule toward the sides of the instrument for less bass. Microphone T rim The microphone and pickup levels are preset at the factory and do not require adjustment. However, a microphone trim control (recessed below the Volume slider) may be adjusted to alter the microphone and pickup balance. Set the Blend slider to the center position and adjust the trim control as necessary. 5 Voicing Switch This switch selects how the pickup is voiced. Move the Voicing Switch towards the Volume slider for bass boost and towards the Blend slider for a flat response. Choose the setting that works for your instrument and your performance require- ments. Here are some guidelines: • The boosted bass voicing (switch towards the Volume slider) compli- ments solo guitarists and singers who accompany themselves, espe- cially with smaller instruments. • The flat voicing (switch towards the Blend slider) cuts through the mix if you play in a band. It does a good job controlling boominess and low frequency feedback onstage, especially with full-size guitars. 6 Battery Replacement When the battery is low you will hear distortion as you play through the Ellipse system. Remove the strings to access the battery inside the guitar. Replace with a fresh 9V alkaline battery. We recommend that you remove the battery from its bag prior to ship- ping or airline travel. If loose inside the guitar, the battery may damage the instrument. Troubleshooting Installation by a qualified professional is strongly recommended. Should you have any problems, please check with your installer or refer to the online installation guide for this product. Technical support, troubleshooting tips and installation information can be found at .....
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