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    10 Users Manual 2 Read First -- Safety Information W Warnings and Cautions To ensure that the meter is used safely and to avoid damage to the meter: • Use the meter only as described in this manual, or the protection provided by the meter might be impaired. • Verify the meter’s operation by measuring a known voltage. • Do not use the meter if the meter or test leads look damaged, or if you sus- pect that the meter is not operating properly. If in doubt have the meter serviced. • Replace the battery as soon as the low battery indicator (N) appears to avoid false readings that can lead to shock and injury. • Turn off power to the circuit under test before cutting, unsoldering, or breaking the circuit. Small amounts of current can be dangerous. • Do not apply more than 600 V rms between a terminal and earth ground. • Use caution when working above 60 V dc or 30 V ac rms. Such voltages pose a shock hazard. • Keep your fingers behind the finger guards on the probes when using the probes. • Disconnect the live test lead before disconnecting the common test lead. 3 Contacting Fluke for Service, Accessories, or Parts This meter should be serviced only by a qualified service technician. To order the 10 Series Service Manual (PN 900824), accessories, parts, or to get other information, contact Fluke at one the phone numbers listed below: 1-888- 993-5853 in USA and Canada +31 402-678-200 in Europe +81-3-3434-0181 Japan +65-738-5655 Singapore +1-425-446-5500 in other countries Visit Fluke’s web site at Address correspondence to Fluke at: Fluke Corporation Fluke Europe B.V PO Box 9090 PO Box 1186 Everett, Washington 98206-9090 5602 BD Einhoven USA The Netherlands 10 Users Manual 4 Replace Battery Mk m m Digital Reading Manual Range Continuity Beeper Enabled Diode Test Measurement Units Note: Before using, peel off plastic lens protector, starting at any corner. acz01f.eps Figure 1. Display Standby Mode In Standby mode, the display goes blank to preserve battery life. The meter beeps and enters Standby if it is LEFT ON BUT IS INACTIVE for more than 45 minutes. Press any button to resume operation. .....
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