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  • Digital Multimeter Fluke HP 3458A HFL

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    HP 3458A/HFL Special Laboratory Digital Multimeter 4 Pre-programmed Key Description Refer to Figure 2 when reading the following pre-programmed key descriptions. Key Function Description SYNC ACV (0) Places the meter into the most accurate AC voltage measurement mode, where the meter uses proprietary sampling to obtain accuracies as low as 90 ppm. After activation, the “MORE INFO” indicator is on. When in this mode, the specifications pertaining to “Synchronous ACV” apply. See the HP 3458A Operators Manual for complete details. Resolution is set to “RES .002” and the low pass filter (LFILTER), which ensures proper triggering (for signals ≤ 50 kHz), is ON. LF OFF (1) When using “Sync ACV” for signals > 50 kHz, the low pass filter (LFILTER) should be OFF. Pressing this key turns LFILTER OFF. For measuring signals ≤ 50 kHz, press “Sync ACV”, which re-programs LFILTER to ON. SCALE (2) Scales the displayed reading to “1.0”. After activation, the “MATH” indicator is on. This function is useful for making transfer measurements using the meter. For example, to transfer the accuracy of a 10 kΩ standard to the meter, take a reading of the 10 kΩ standard. The meter may not read nominal (e.g. 9.999987 kΩ). Pressing SCALE normalizes the display to 1.0. Subsequent measurements of other 10 kΩ resistors can now be made relative to the 10 kΩ standard. If the “NULL” function is also activated, the displayed reading = (actual reading – NULL value) / SCALE value. Note that the “units” annuciator and the position of the decimal point should be ignored when SCALE is activated. NULL (7) Subtracts the displayed reading from subsequent readings. After activation, the “MATH” indicator is on. The NULL function is similar to the “offset” and “relative” functions commonly found in digital multimeters. It is used for nulling the effects of lead resistance in two-wire ohms, or removing offets in dc measurements or four-wire ohms. STAT (8) Activates the meter’s statistics functions. After activation, the “MATH” indicator is on. Four of these statistics parameters are made available in the Fluke HP 3458A/HFL pre-programmed key : MEAN (4) Displays the average of all readings taken after “STAT” is turned on. After activating “MEAN”, to resume meter operation, press the FUNCTION key that is presently activated (e.g. DCV). The statistics function continues to record data until “MATH OFF” is activated (see below). SDEV (5) Displays the standard deviation of all readings taken after “STAT” is turned on. After activating “SDEV”, to resume meter operation .....
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