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  • Computerzubehoer Fujitsu SCALEOVIEW L22W 2

  • Vorschau Fujitsu SCALEOVIEW L22W 2 Handbuch:
    Dieses Handbuch wurde erstellt von cognitas. Gesellschaft für Technik-Dokumentation mbH – Herausgegeben von/Published by Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH Printed in China AG 1106 11/06 Ausgabe/Edition 1 Bestell-Nr./Order No.: A26361-K1154-Z200-1-M119 Edition 1 Using the Display Turning On the Display Turn on the display before turning on the computer. When the power is on, the LED on the power button lights blue and the screen image will appear after about 10 seconds. If the LED doesn’t light blue or no image appears, please verify if the display is properly connected. Function Controls 1,2 TS Decrease Button Increase Button OSD Off: Press T directly to “Mute” and recover ” OSD On: Use these buttons to adjust the values of a selected function. 3 MENU OSD Function Enters / Exits OSD 4 AUTO Auto Adjustment Button OSD Off: Executes auto adjustment function. OSD On: Confirms an OSD selection. 5 POWER Power Switch Power On/Off Blue-Operation mode / Orange-Power saving mode OSD Selection After you press the MENU button to enter the OSD menu, use T S to select the items you want to adjust. Then press the AUTO button. After the screen fonts turn from black to blue you may start to make the adjustments. Just use T S to adjust the screen parameters as required. If no action is taken for 45 seconds after the setting, the system will automatically save your settings and exit the OSD. OSD Menu Brightness/Contrast adjustment: Brightness: Adjusts brightness by using the buttons T or S (1and 2). Contrast: Adjusts screen contrast by using the buttons T or S (1and 2) Black level: Adjusts screen contrast by using the buttons T or S (1and 2) Auto level: Adjusts screen contrast by using the buttons T or S (1and 2) Image Adjust: Auto Adjustment: Automatically selects the optimal settings for image parameters (image position, phase, etc.) by using the button MENU (3). H- Position: Controls the picture’s horizontal position. V- Position: Controls the picture’s vertical position. Clock: Sets up the internal clock. Larger values make the displayed image appear wider; smaller values make it appear compressed. Phase: Adjusts the internal clock’s time lag in order to optimize the screen image. Audio: Adjusts the monitor speaker output volume and mute. .....
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