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    CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 Unpacking the CLA9/CLA9T 3 DESCRIPTION 4 General Description 4 INSTALLATION 6 Setting Up 6 USING THE CLA9/CLA9T 7 Turning the CLA9/CLA9T On and Off 7 Tone and Balance Setting 7 TROUBLESHOOTING 8 SAFETY INFORMATION 9 GUARANTEE 10 RECYCLING DIRECTIVES 12 1 CONTENTS Congratulations on purchasing your Geemarc CLA9/CLA9T. The CLA9/CLA9T is a rechargeable assistive listening device. It amplifies speech together with sounds from a variety of sources like TV, radio and telephone. The CLA9/CLA9T can be used as an alternative to Hearing Aids when using the headphones. If you use an inductive neck loop instead of the headset, the built in T-coil in the CLA9T enables the device to act as a complement to your Hearing Aid. Its is important that you read the instructions below in order to use your Geemarc CLA9 or CLA9T to their full potential. Keep this user guide in a safe place for future reference. 2 Note: users of digital hearing aids must make sure their aids have been programmed for use with the ‘T’ setting. INTRODUCTION Unpacking the CLA9 and CLA9T When unpacking the CLA9/CLA9T, you should find the following in the box: • CLA9 or CLA9T Conversation Piece • Headset with rubber ear cushions – 18mm diameter • A pair of rubber ear cushions – 12mm diameter • 2.4V (4/5) AAA Rechargeable Battery • Travel charger • Black velvet carrying case for either the heaset and CLA9/CLA9T Conversation Piece • A microphone with "holder" and 3m lead (CLA9T only) • A lanyard • A belt clip • 1 User Guide 3 INTRODUCTION General Description 4 Battery Compartment Cover Belt Clip On/Off Volume control wheel. Charge and On LED Charging Port Microphone Port Mode Switch (MIC or T) CLA9T only CLA9/CLA9T Communication Piece Headset port Internal Microphone DESCRIPTION 5 Space for Battery-pack or batteries Tone & Balance Setting DESCRIPTION Plug for the battery pack .....
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