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    Congratulations on your purchase of the Gefen PS/2 extender. Your complete satisfac- tion is very important to us. Gefen’s line of KVM (Keyboard Video & Mouse), ADC, DVI, USB, switches, extenders, converters and splitters is designed to make computer use more comfortable, more productive and less expensive. KVM switches allow access to multiple computers from a single keyboard, while the extenders give the user control over a computer up to 330 feet away from the work area. Gefen products offer solutions for noise, space and se- curity concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presenta- tion, and school and corporate training environments. Our Commitment Gefen will always offer the finest quality product at the best possible price. Included in that price is a lifetime of free support from a team of outstanding engineers. The Gefen PS/2 extender allows PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports to be extended up to 1000 feet using CAT-5 cables. The PS/2 extender send unit is connected directly to the computer with the supplied PS/2 cable. A CAT-5 cable is used to connect the PS/2 extender send unit to the PS/2 extender receive unit. The PS/2 extender keeps your desk clutter-free, allowing the relocation of your computer to a safe and secure area, while allowing you to work in a quieter environment INTRODUCTION 1 FEATURES Features • Extends PC computers with PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse • Extends Projectors with PS/2 Mouse • 1000 feet (300 meters) extension using one CAT-5 cable Includes: (1) PS/2 Extender S Sender Unit (1) PS/2 Extender R Receiver Unit (2) 6 foot PS/2 cables (M-M) (1) 5V external power supply (1) User's Manual 2 PANEL DESCRIPTIONS 3 .....
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