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    Page 4 (play/pause LED blinks green). When the display shows track number 1 and time of 00:00, the unit is ready to use. 3. Push the TRACK SKIP BUTTONS (6) to select the track you want to play. 4. Press the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON (5) and the unit will instantly play. CUE INSTRUCTIONS To start the play at a point other than the beginning of a track, follow these instructions. 1. To memorize the approximate spot at which you want play to start, select the proper track, and then push the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON (5) so the unit goes into the play mode (play/pause LED will glow green). Listen to the CD and when the CD gets to the approximate spot, push either of the SEARCH BUTTONS (7). The unit will go into the pause mode (play/pause LED will blink green) and the location indicated on the display will be the memorized cue point. 2. To fine tune the memorized cue point, push the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON (5) so the unit goes into the play mode (play/pause LED glows green) and listen carefully to the starting point. Push the CUE BUTTON (11) and the unit will enter the pause mode (play/pause LED blinks green) and the CD will reposition at the previously memorized cue point. If you decide that this point is okay, leave the unit alone until you are ready to play it. At that time push the PLAY/ PAUSE BUTTON (5). The unit will instantly play from the spot selected. If the selected spot is not where you want it, with the unit in the play mode, simply push the CUE BUTTON (11). The unit will go back to the previously selected spot, and enter the pause mode. By pressing either the left or right SEARCH BUTTONS (7) you can hear and move the cue point forward or backward. After you have located the spot, play the CD and listen to the start. If it’s still no good, push the CUE BUTTON (11) and try again. The memorized cue point will always be the last location after using the SEARCH BUTTONS (7). TROUBLE SHOOTING • If the disk will not play, check to see if the disc was loaded correctly (label side up). Also check the disc for excessive dirt, scratches, etc. • If the disc turns but there is no sound, check the cable connections. If they are okay, check your amplifier or receiver. • If the CD skips, check the CD for dirt or scratches. Do not assume that the CD player is defective. Many CDs are recorded out of spec and will skip on most or all CD players. Before sending the unit in for repair, try playing a CD that you are sure plays properly. SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL: Type.................... Dual Mechanism Compact Disc Player w/wired remote Disc Type............................... Standard Compact discs (12 cm & 8 cm) Time Display....... .....
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