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GlobalSat ET 332



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    Physical Characteristics Interface Connection * Pin-out of the 12-pin interface connector Pin Number Name Description Type 1 GND Ground 2 VBAT Backup Battery Input 3 VDC 3.8V~6.5V DC Power Input Input 4 PBRES Push Button Reset Input (Active Low) Input 5 GPIO1 (Reserved) 6 TXA Serial Data Output A (GPS Data) Output 7 RXA Serial Data Input A (Command) Input 8 GND Ground 9 GND Ground 10 SELECT (Reserved) 11 TIMEMARK 1PPS Time Mark Output Output 12 GND Ground Interface description * VDC (DC power input): This is the main DC supply for a 3.8V ~ 6.5V power module board. * VBAT (Backup battery): This is the battery backup input that powers the SRAM and RTC when main power is removed .Typical current draw is 10uA. Without an external backup battery, the module/engine board will execute a cold star after every turn on. To achieve the faster start-up offered by a hot or warm start, a battery backup must be connected. To maximize battery lifetime, the battery voltage should be between 2.5v and 3.6v. * PBRES (Push button reset): This pin provides an active-low reset input to the engine board. It causes the engine board to reset and start searching for satellites. * SELECT : Do not connect. * TXA : This is the main transmits channel for outputting navigation and measurement data to user’s navigation software or user written software. Output TTL level , 0V ~ 2.85V * RXA : This is the main receive channel for receiving software commands to the engine board from SiRFdemo software or from user written software. Normally this pin must be kept in high, and if you don’t use this pin please connect a resistor to pull high. * Time mark : This pin provides one pulse-per-second output from the engine board that is synchronized to GPS time. * GND : GND provides the ground for the engine board. Connect all grounds. .....
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