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    Table of Contents 1. FEATURES AND COMPATIBILITY 5 2. UNPACKING 6 3. POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE SELECTION 6 4. CHOICE OF THE UNIVERSAL PLAYER LOCATION 7 5. POWER CONNECTION 7 6. BACK PANEL CABLE CONNECTIONS 8 7. KEYBOARD CONTROLS 10 8. REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS 11 9. SETTING THE DISPLAY SYSTEM 13 10. SWITCHING ON 13 11. FIRST CONNECTION 14 12. BASIC OPERATIONS 15 13. PLAYING DISCS 18 14. THE AUDIO SETTINGS AND VIDEO ADJUST MENUS 28 15. THE INTIAL SETTINGS MENU 31 16. CLEANING 41 17. MAINTENANCE 41 EIDOS 20D Universal Player 3 I M P O R T A N T ! This high quality universal player possesses technical features which are necessary for accurate tracking of today's best DVDs and CDs. Only careful use can provide all the satisfaction you are expecting. All handling must be performed according to the following instructions to avoid to damaging the player. Nevertheless, if the instructions are perfectly carried out, you will notice that using the GOLDMUND EIDOS 20D Player is quite simple and convenient. WARNING! PLEASE DO NOT CONNECT ANY CABLES OR MOVE ANY PART BEFORE READING THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS. OBSERVE GENERAL ELECTRICAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS PARTICULARY WITH REGARD TO AVOIDING WATER, MOISTURE AND HEAT. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE THE COVERS AND REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED PERSONNEL. ______________________________________ EIDOS 20D Universal Player 4 1 FEATURES AND COMPATIBILITY Compatibility Please note that the Goldmund Eidos 20D is compatible with the following formats: -DVD Video 12 and 8 cm size, one or two layers, single-sided or double-sided. -VIDEO CD/SUPERVCD 12 and 8 cm size, single-sided. -Audio CD 12 and 8 cm size, single-sided. -CD-R/RW -DVD-R/RW -DVD+R/RW -DVD-RW recorded in Video Recording Mode -DVD-R/RW recorded in Video Mode -DivX and MP3 -DVD – Audio -Super VCD -SACD Associated Equipment For technicians, musicians, or users who demands the very best in sound transcription, you may decide the use of one of our separate D/A converters, such as the Goldmund Mimesis 20S. The D/A converters built into the Eidos 20D, however, are a high quality standard and are provided for use in most systems and especially for formats requesting them such as SACD. EIDOS 20D Universal Player 5 2 UNPACKING You will find in the packaging (see note): - The Universal player and remote control, - The power cord. - This user manual. NB: If you need to return the player to the factory or to your local representative for a warranty repair, please note that it must be repackaged in the original packing. This packaging has been designed specifically to protect the Eidos 20D. Use of alternative pac .....
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