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    4 If used with an analogue signal, connect the interconnect between the preamp and each power amp. Check the input switch is in the analogue position. You may either use the analogue input RCA female socket or the XLR. The XLR socket, especially useful in professional installations, is wired as follows : 1 - Grounding, Shielding. 2 - Hot. 3 - Cold. Attention : if you want to use a symmetrical 4 wire cable, always maintain the ground/earth switch to "Link" or you may destroy your amplifier. When used with a digital input signal, connect the digital input cable to the digital input and switch the input switch to digital. Since a digital Spdif cable carries 2 channels you may link the digital output to the next amplifier to transfer the second channel. Connect the speaker cable to one of the red and black terminals in the back of the amplifier or, if you use a Goldmund High Definition Speaker Cable, to the coaxial connector. The 2 separate outputs are connected internally in parallel. You may notice that the ground of the input plug and the black speaker terminal are the same polarity. The amplifier is non-inverting in phase. 5 – AMPLIFIER CONTROLS On the front panel of the GOLDMUND MIMESIS 18.4 amplifier you will find only the power key and 3 Led. To start playing the amplifier, switch the key to ON. The amplifier is immediately operative, without delay and the central green Led indicates it is operating normally. The Mimesis 18.4 is using a signal-sensing auto-start circuit. If no modulation is received by the power amp for approximately 20 minutes, the power amp will go off and the green central Led will only flash regularly to indicate that the amp is ON and ready to restart. If a signal is applied to the input (analogue or digital), the amp will start working again and the green Led will stay on. In large system with several amplifiers connected, you may have problem when applying a signal if all power amps start simultaneously, triggering the house breaker. To avoid it, each amp may have a small different delay adjusted to make them start in sequence and avoid the problem. To adjust each amp differently, disconnect the amplifier from AC, open the bottom removable plate, and using a small screwdriver, turn the small rotary switch accessible on the visible printed circuit. Just set each amp to a different position of the switch. 5 The left red Led will only glow if the amplifier has switched to a protection mode after detecting HF or DC perturbation. You will have to turn OFF the amp and turn ON again after suppressing the perturbation. The yellow right Led shows the lock of the digital signal on a .....
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