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  • Stereo D A Converter Goldmund MIMESIS 20.6

  • Vorschau Goldmund MIMESIS 20.6 Handbuch:
    User manual – Goldmund MIMESIS 20.6 D/A Converter - 4 - CONTENTS 1. SETTING UP THE MIMESIS 20.6 4 2. FIRST INSTALLATION AND CONNECTIONS 7 3. FRONT PANEL FUNCTIONS 9 4. CLEANING 9 5. TECHNICAL DATA 10 User manual – Goldmund MIMESIS 20.6 D/A Converter - 5 - 1 SETTING UP THE MIMESIS 20.6 1.1 UNPACKING You will find in the GOLDMUND MIMESIS 20.6 box: - The D/A Converter - The power cord - This manual ATTENTION Please keep the packaging in case you need to transport the MIMESIS 20.6 at a later date or if you have to send it for maintenance. This packaging has been designed specifically to protect the MIMESIS 20.6 in transit. Use of alternative packaging is likely to result in damage, invalidating warranty cover. For exacting technicians, musicians, and all amateurs who demand the very best in recording transcription, we strongly recommend the use of a top quality CD transport unit, DVD transport or Blu-ray transport, since most of the digital signal integrity can be destroyed before the converter unit. For a perfect CD/DVD/Blu-ray transport, Goldmund recommends the Goldmund Eidos 20BD or Eidos BD Reference. Considering the extreme performance of the Mimesis 20.6 D/A converter, the connection between the digital sources and D/A converter is also very critical. Use ultra-low reflection cables for SPDIF the connection. In all typical cases, Goldmund recommends using as SPDIF connection its special Goldmund Lineal cable. User manual – Goldmund MIMESIS 20.6 D/A Converter - 6 - 1 SETTING UP THE MIMESIS 20.6 1.2 CHOICE OF D/A CONVERTER LOCATION AND COOLING Select a very rigid support for your CD/DVD player. Position the player as far away as possible from the speakers if you want to totally avoid the air coupling between the speakers and the CD/DVD player. The distance between the CD/DVD transport and the Mimesis 20.6 is usually not critical. However, if you use a coaxial cable link, and the CD/DVD transport is not perfectly matched to the SPDIF interface specifications, a short distance is mandatory. If you want to achieve the best possible sonic result, select a position on a shelf or on a piece of furniture where the converter is isolated from vibrations of mechanical components, like the CD/DVD transport itself. You must also be careful to locate your Mimesis 20.6 in a very well ventilated location. When powered on, the Mimesis 20.6, as all high quality electronic equipment, generates a significant amount of heat which has to be evacuated by natural ventilation. For the same reason, it is perfectly normal that, after few hours of operation, your Mimesis 20.6 gets quite hot. 1.3. POWER SUPPLY The Goldmund .....
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