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  • Vorschau Goldmund MIMESIS 27.3 Handbuch:
    User manual – Goldmund MIMESIS 27.3 – Analogue Preamplifier - 4 - CONTENTS 1. SETTING UP THE MIMESIS 27.3 5 2. FIRST INSTALLATION AND CONNECTIONS 6 3. FRONT AND BACK PANELS FUNCTIONS 7 4. SOUND QUALITY OPTIMIZATION 8 5. CLEANING 9 6. TECHNICAL DATA 9 User manual – Goldmund MIMESIS 27.3 – Analogue Preamplifier - 5 - 1 SETTING UP THE MIMESIS 27.3 Please read very carefully the following instructions. This high-precision preamplifier will provide the best analog signal possible thanks to its unique circuitry. For exacting technicians, musicians, and all amateurs who demand the very best in recording transcription, we strongly recommend the use of a top quality D/A converter or to get the D/A build-in option to decode the today’s high definition digital signals. The connections between the analogue sources and the preamplifier are also critical. Ultra low reflection cables are absolutely mandatory. Goldmund recommends using the special Goldmund Interconnect cables. 1.1. UNPACKING You will find in the Goldmund Mimesis 27.3 box: - The preamplifier - The power cord - The remote-control transmitter - This manual ATTENTION Please keep the packaging in case you need to transport the MIMESIS 27.3 at a later date or if you have to send it for maintenance. This packaging has been designed specifically to protect the MIMESIS 27.3 in transit. Use of alternative packaging is likely to result in damage, invalidating warranty cover. User manual – Goldmund MIMESIS 27.3 – Analogue Preamplifier - 6 - 1 SETTING UP THE MIMESIS 27.3 1.2. CHOICE OF THE PREAMPLIFIER LOCATION The Goldmund Mimesis 27.3 preamplifier generates a significant amount of heat. It is necessary to allow a proper cooling of the heat sinks. Avoid any location which is not properly ventilated and avoid putting any equipment that is sensitive to temperature on top. 1.3. LINE VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENT A voltage selector is provided on the back plate of the preamplifier. Adjust it with a screwdriver if the line voltage provided is not appropriate. ATTENTION: On the 220V position, the Goldmund Mimesis 27.3 preamplifier will function properly for main line voltage in between 200V and 240V. On the 110V position, the main line must deliver between 105 and 125V. If your main line is usually out of these tolerances, please consult your Goldmund dealer. Please check the value of the main line fuse. This fuse is located on the power cord receptacle. The lid can be removed with a small screwdriver when the cord is removed. Use a 500mA slow-blow fuse for 220V and 110V. 2 FIRST INSTALLATION AND CONNECTIONS 2.1. POWER CONNECTION Connect the power cord to the back .....
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