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    Checking the information on CD TEXT Discs CD TEXT discs have information, such as the disc titles or artist names, memoriesed in a blank space on the disc where, on normal discs there is no informa- tion. The display shows the CD TEXT information of the disc so you can check the current disck title, artist name and track title. When the CDP1 detects CD TEXT discs the “CD TEXT”indication appears in the display. If your CD TEXT disc has multi language capacity, “CD TEXT” and “MULTI” indicators appears in the display. Display information before you start playing the disc. Each time you press TIME in the remote, the display changes from: A. Disc title B. Artist name C. Total number of tracks and total playing time. *Note: The display may not show all the characters dependig on the disc. HDCD Indicator. When the CDP1 detects a disc recorded in the HDCD technology the “HDCD ” will appear in the display. Turning off indications in the display. Each time you press DISPLAY ON/OFF on the remote while playing a disc, the display turns off and on alter- nately Even when the display is turned off, the display turns on if you pause or stop play. When you resume play, the display turns off again. Before you start playing, when you press “DISPLAY ON/OFF” to turn off the display, “DISPLAY OFF” appears, and when you press the button to turn on the display again, “DISPLAY ON” appears. Locating a specific track or particular point in a track. You can quickly locate any track while playing a disc using the number buttons, scan forward or back but- HDCD is a registered trademark of Pacific Microsonics Inc. tons on the remote. The 2 different scan buttons allow you to scan for a specific track or a specific point in the track. When you choose a track number over 10 A. Press >10 first then the corresponding number but- tons. B. To enter “0” use button 10. Example: To play track 30 Press >10 first than 3 and 10. Playing tracks repeatedly You can play tracks repeatedly in any play mode. Press repeat while playing a disc Repeat appears in the display. The player repeats the tracks as follows: A. Continuos play - all the tracks B. Shuffle play - all the tracks in random order C. Programme play - The same programme. Repeating the current track. ( repeat 1 ) You can repeat the current track in any play mode. While playing the track you want, press REPEAT repeatedly until REPEAT 1 appears in the display. * To cancel repeat - press REPEAT. Repeating a specific point ( A-B REPEAT ) You can play a specific portion in a track repeatedly. This might be useful for equipment evaluation. * You can .....
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