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    FRONT PANEL AND REMOTE FUNCTIONS The level selected using VOLUME Up and Down is shown numerically in the leftside of the display. MUTE turns sound off without using the volume controls. ON/STANDBY turns the preamplifier on or activates Standby mode, keeping the preamplifier circuits fully powered up for optimum performance for your next listening session. The red Gryphon logo in the display is illuminated when the preamplifier is on standby. MONITOR is used to listen to a tape recorder. If the recorder has a source/monitor function, this switch may be used to listen to the tape as it is being recorded. Use INPUT Up or Down to select the source which you wish to hear. The source selected will be shown in the right side of the display. MENU ACTIVATED FUNCTIONS The Gryphon Sonata incorporates several functions which are activated via a Menu system. The Menu may be activated either via the remote control or via the front panel controls. To access the Menu, press both Volume controls (Up and Down) at the same time. MENU will appear in the display. Press Input Up or Down to go to any of the menu-controlled functions listed in the chart. NOTE: If you go to Save for more than a few seconds, all new settings will be stored in memory and the preamplifier will exit the Menu. If you are not finished, activate the Menu again and continue. If you go to QUIT for more than one second, the preamplifier will exit the Menu with no new settings stored in memory. If you accidentally Quit the Menu, activate the Menu again and start over. When you have made the necessary changes for a function, press Input Up or Down to go to the next function which you wish to change. When all functions have been correctly adjusted, press Input Up or Down until Save appears in the display. After a few seconds, all new Menu settings will be stored in memory and the Gryphon Sonata will exit the Menu. If you decide that you do not wish to make any changes while in the Menu, go to Quit. After a few seconds, the preamplifier will exit the Menu. No changes will be stored in memory. Your personalized, custom settings may be recorded below for future reference. Menu Function Default Setting Custom Setting 1. Channel Balance 2. Maximum Level 3. Start-up Level 4. Level Match Input 1 5. Level Match Input 2 6. Level Match Input 3 00 00 12 00 00 00 B A L L m a x 44 L o n C H 1 # C H 2 # C H 3 # 7. Level Match Input 4 8. Level Match Tape In 9. Green Bias 10. Display On/Off 11. Save changes, Exit Menu - - - - 12. Exit Menu, no changes - - - - 1. Channel Balance If there is a channel inbalance in your system, this function allows you to compensate in order .....
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