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  • Babykostwaermer H+ H BS 21

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    -6- -7- – warming up milk bottles – warming up food jars Note: the information provided serves as a guideline only. The actual temperature always depends on the volume and type of food to be warmed up. 7. Warming up bottles and food jars 1. Ensure that the mains plug is disconnected from the mains socket and that the rotary controller is on OFF. 2. Place the device on a level and sturdy sur- face. 3. Remove the dust protection cover. The de- vice may not be operated with the cover on. 4. Fill the baby food warmer up to the mark with approx. 110 ml of water. 5. With food jars, please remove the label and the lid. Note: you can also use the enclosed food container to warm up baby food. 6. Place the bottle or the jar in the device. 7. Connect the mains plug to a mains socket. 8. Set the required warm up time by means of the rotary controller. The operating light lights up, indicating switch-on. 9. When warm up time is over, the operating light goes out and the bottle or jar can be re- moved. 10. Shake the bottle slightly or stir the food in the jar with a spoon to check the bottle or jar contents, as described in “To check the temperature”, before feeding the baby. 11. If the temperature is too low, you can leave the bottle or the jar in the baby food warmer for a few minutes without switching the con- troller on again, since the remaining heat keeps bottle or jar warm. Important! Always set the rotary controller to OFF after use, remove the device plug from the socket and pour the water out of the baby food warmer. 8. Heat retention function The baby food warmer keeps baby food warm for a certain period of time. Simply leave the bottle or jar in the device after warming up and set the rotary controller to . Attention: for microbiological and hygienic rea- sons, baby food should not be kept warm for longer than one hour. 9. Cable winding The device has a useful cable winder on the underside. The power cable can be wound up neatly after using the device, saving space as well. 10. Cleaning and care Cleaning Ensure that the device is disconnected from the mains and cooled down before cleaning. Never clean the device when it is hot. Do not use abra- sive cleaning agents or pot scrubbers, since this would affect the surface of the device. After each use, clean the device and the cover with a moist cloth. Attention: never submerge the device or the power cable in water or in other liquids! De-liming After frequent use (depending on hardness of water) there is a lime scale build-up on the hot- plate on the floor of the device. This lime scale must be removed regularly to ensure that the device functions .....
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