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    L Controls: 1) Remote control 2) Volume control 3) On/off switch 4) Bass control 5) Speaker connecting cable 6) Speaker connecting sockets 7) PC connecting cable 8) Connecting socket for the cable to the PC or sound card 9) Power cord Connecting the speakers: - Connect both satellites with their connecting cables (red/white) to the subwoofer outputs marked for satellite output (red/white). - Then connect your sound system to the sound source using the cable provided - Plug in your sound system. Make sure to check the voltage before starting the system. - Finished. - Use the cable remote control provided to switch the system on and off and adjust the volume. Safety instructions: Please observe the safety remarks in the operating instructions for the PC! • The speakers should only be transported in their original packaging, or in other suitable packaging which protects them from jolts and knocks. • Condensation can arise when speakers are tran ferred from a cold environment into a warm room. Allow the speakers to climatise to the ambient temperature, and ensure that they are absolutely dry, before they are used. • Ensure that the local mains voltage is 230 V/50 Hz. • Ensure that the mains socket is freely accessible. • The speakers’ ON/OFF switch does NOT disconnect the speakers from the mains! The mains plug has to be withdrawn from the mains socket to disconect the speakers. • Do not use the speakers in moist rooms. • Conduct the cables in such a manner that they cannot become a hazard (tripping) or be damged. Observe the corresponding remarks in the instruc- tions when connecting the speakers. • Ensure that no objects (e.g. metal paper clips, etc.) or liquids can enter the interior of the speakers (electric shock, short circuit). • Immediately switch off the speakers and disconnect them from the mains in emergencies (e.g. damage to speaker case, controls or power supply line, or in the event of foreign bodies or liquids entering the speakers). • Any repair work must be carried out only by qualified and authorized technicians. • Always switch off the speakers and disconnect them from the mains before cleaning them. The speaker case surface should be cleaned with a dry cloth. Grime can be removed with a moist cloth that has been dipped into water with a mild detergent and then thoroughly wrung out. Technical data: Voltage supply: 230 V/ 1,2 A/ 50 Hz Power P.M.P.O: 500 Watt Power RMS: 22 Watt Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz Dimensions: Dimensions of the loudspeakers: (WxHxD) W9 x H9 x D10,5 Dimensions of the subwoofer: (WxHxD) W12,5x H18 x D22 Guarantee conditions Hama products are .....
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