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    The Bluetooth adapter for Liberty hands-free phone sets (HFPS) uses 2.4 GHz Bluetooth technology for wireless communication. The product is compatible with devices which support Bluetooth version 1.1 and the headset profile. Please read the operating instructions carefully before using the HFPS for the first time. Using the adapter The adapter can be used in connection with mobile phones and other components which support the "headset profile". If in doubt, refer to the operating instructions for your mobile phone. A suitable mobile phone will allow you to receive and end calls. Now you don't even have to hold the phone in your hand and you can simply leave it in your briefcase, for example. A separate volume control is also included. Installation The Bluetooth adapter for Liberty hands-free phone sets is connected to the Liberty instead of the Liberty adapter cable. The adapter functions with the Liberty I, II and III. Startup Before using the adapter set with a Bluetooth phone for the first time, make sure both devices are able to recognise each other (pairing). The pairing procedure is described below. Pairing with a mobile phone To use the adapter with your mobile phone, they both have to be paired first. - In your mobile phone, activate the mode which allows Bluetooth detection. For more information, refer to the operating instructions of your mobile phone. - As soon as the adapter is connected to the Liberty, it is in pairing mode and can be detected by active Bluetooth devices. When your mobile phone “finds” the adapter, it will be indicated in the phone's display. - If prompted by your phone, enter the four-digit PIN (0000). - When pairing procedure is successful it is indicated in the display of your mobile phone. The Bluetooth adapter for Liberty hands-free phone sets is now ready for operation! Volume control The volume can be adjusted using the integrated volume control of the Liberty hands-free phone set. Special notes Registration and Safety Certification/General Information This device bears the CE symbol as specified by the provisions of Directive R & TTE (99/5/EC). Hama hereby declares that this device is in compliance with the basic requirements and other relevant regulations of the 1999/5/EC guideline. You will find the declaration of conformity in the Internet at L Adapter for Liberty Hands-Free Facilities 3 Der Bluetooth Adapter für Liberty Freisprecheinrichtungen nutzt die 2,4GHz-Bluetooth-Technologie mit der Sie schnurlos kommunizieren können. Das Produkt ist mit Geräten kompatibel die Bluetooth-Version 1.1 und das Headset-Profil unterstützen. Bitte lesen Sie v .....
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