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    6 7 Pairing Prior to using the speakerphone for the first time, you must pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile handset. The following steps describes pairing instruction for a typical Bluetooth-enabled mobile handset. (a) Place the speakerphone and mobile handset no more than 1 meter apart. (b) Ensure the speakerphone is under OFF mode. (c) Press and hold the MFB for 6 seconds until you hear a long beep. The blue and red LEDs will flash on alternatively. It’s now ready for pairing. (d) Activate your mobile handset’s Bluetooth function by referring to your mobile handset user guide for details. Mean while, the handset will search for accessible Bluetooth devices. (e) Select “BT-33A1” from the list. (f) Enter the pre-programmed passkey “0000” and press “OK” to pair the speakerphone and the handset. When pairing is completed, you may hear a long beep and the blue LED will flash on 3 times. Now the speakerphone is under standby mode with blue LED flashes on every 3 seconds. (g) Press “Return” to go back to your handset’s main menu. (For most of the mobile handset models, a headset icon will be shown on the screen.) You should now be able to make and receive calls through the speakerphone. Please place the mobile handset to the speakerphone no more than 10 meters. (Obstruction could cause shorter sensing distance.) IMPORTANT: If the pairing cannot be completed within 2 minutes while the pairing mode is activated, the speakerphone’s LED will flash off and speakerphone will be under off mode. Please repeat step (c) to (g) to pair the speakerphone and mobile handset again. Connection/Link between Speakerphone and Mobile Handset: After pairing is completed, speakerphone is always under standby mode. Before you place or answer a call, if the headset ICON is not shown on phone screen, please follow the simple steps to activate the Bluetooth connection/link through your handset or speakerphone until the headset ICON is on the screen. (1) On Handset: Select “BT-33A1” from the paired list on your handset screen. (2) On Speakerphone: Short press MFB and select “Accept” on handset screen to accept connection. IMPORTANT: Whenever Bluetooth connection/link is removed, for example: power off on speakerphone/mobile handset or out of 10 meter sensing distance, please activate connection/link as suggested. Disconnection between Speakerphone and Mobile Handset: You may connect your speakerphone with another Bluetooth handset. Please follow the simple steps to disconnect the speakerphone with the pre-paired handset. (a) Power off the speakerphone. (b) Select “disconnecting” to remove previ .....
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