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    • Because of high current level when charging, batteries with a lower capacity than shown in the table should not be used. • Only use quick-charge NiCD/NiMH batteries. • An additional safety timer shuts off the charger if the maximum charging time is exceeded. • A precise, process-controlled -∆V shutoff ensures that each pair of batteries is charged to their optimal level. • It also prevents the batteries from overcharging. • The devices switches off the batteries when they are fully charged. Charging: • Set the switch on the left side to 2 or 4 charge depending on your needs. If you are only charging 2 batteries, use both charging slots on the left. • The fast charge can cause the batteries to heat up considerably, which means the device and power supply unit should never be covered while charging! • Leave the cover open. • Insert the batteries in the correct direction. • Each pair of the 2 charging compartments is monitored separately. • The charging status of the battery before charging is unimportant. • Two or four cells of the same size, capacity and charging state can be recharged. • The charging current for AA and AAA is adjusted accordingly. • Once the batteries are inserted, charging begins automatically. • After charging is finished, the charger automatically switches each compartment pair separately to trickle charge. • Batteries can stay in the charger and remain ready for use. Discharging: • This only makes sense with NiCD batteries to avoid the memory effect. • NiCD batteries should be completely discharged at regular intervals (after 10 charging cycles at the latest) before recharging. • This retains their entire usable memory capacity. Completely discharging and then charging the batteries after- wards reformats and retains the memory area. • After inserting the batteries, press the left button D until the right display changes to yellow. • The batteries are discharged and then charged. Discharging batteries requires a lot of time! • Approximately 6 hours for each 1000mAh. • Due to the other chemical structure discharging NiMH is neither useful nor required. Indicator: The current function of the charging device is displayed by a triple-coloured LED. Compartments switch to finished at different times depending on the charging status of the batteries! Yellow: discharging Red: charging Green: charged, trickle charge Notes on rechargeable batteries: • The enclosed batteries should be charged before being used for the first time. • Remove any insulation strips between batteries and charger. • Rechargeable batteries only attain maximum c .....
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