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    3 Position der Funktionstasten 4-Wege Coolie-Hat (Richtungssteuerung) Auf/Ab-Steuerungsachse (Y-Achse) Rechts/Links-Steuerungsachse (X-Achse) Schubkontrolle (Z-Achse) 00021027bda 22.01.2007 8:10 Uhr Seite 3 1. Summary: Thank you for purchasing our joystick ! This is a Joystick of 4 axis and 8 function buttons specially designed for matching PC, it is compatible with various control stick game softwares. Its simulated shape is designed to be in accordance with ergono- mics theory, you won’t feel tired even after long time game operation. It makes the game control more workable and more interesting. 2. System requirements: 1) Support USB port 2) Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP 3) DirectX7.0 version and up 3. Program installation under Window98SE/me/2000/WinXP systems: 1) Enter Windows system, plug in the joystick and wait for the end of the hardware assistant 2) Start->Control Panel->Game Controller 3) Insert the joystick plug into PC USB port->Install the Driving system as PC indicates->PC will find out ”4 axis, 12 buttons with POV” driving program automatically->Attribute 4. Flight joystick test: 1) Click “attribute” under the game controller and enter Test Page: A. Test the joystick’s 1-8 buttons in turn, the test page ‘s interface will have corresponding highlighted indication of “1-8” buttons. B. Move the Joystick forward, backward, leftward and rightward, the corresponding test page ”X/Y axis “ block will have the cursor indication of UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. C. Stir the (POV) upward, downward, leftward and rightward to test whether the 4 buttons and 8 directions are all in good function. 5. Trouble shootings: 1) No proper function after conclusion of the installation of the hardware A Check whether the joystick is strongly fixed with PC. B DirectX version is too low, it requires DirectX7.0 and up version. C If it still can’t work normally, please restart PC. 2) After entering into games, some analog axes have no function or operate automatically. Check whether control stick is calibrated or confirmed after being calibrated ( Note: all axis should be positioned in the center ) , if the calibration has no reaction, re-insert it ( w/ auto- centered function ) L Flight Stick 4 00021027bda 22.01.2007 8:10 Uhr Seite 4 5 Position der Funktionstasten 4-Way-Coolie-Hat (Directional Control (POV)) UP/Down Control Axis (Y axis) Right/Left Control Axis (X axis) Thrust control (Z axis) 00021027bda 22.01.2007 8:10 Uhr Seite 5 .....
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