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  • USB Fast Infrarot Stick Hama 00039704

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    USB fast IrDA infrared stick Installation on Windows XP: In most systems, the adapter is automatically integrated in the system when it is inserted. The following message is displayed “New hardware has been installed and can now be used.” To check, click « Start « Control Panel (in traditional Start menu, « Start « Settings « Control Panel) « Printers and Other Hardware and then System (under see also) (In traditional view, double-click System). In the System Properties window, select « Hardware « Device Manager. The entry “SigmaTel USB-IrDA-Dongle” must appear in the Infrared devices section without a yellow exclamation point. If this is not the case, unplug the adapter again and start the driver installation as for Windows 98SE/ME/2000. Installation on Windows 98SE/ME/2000: Important information: Do not plug the adapter in before installation. Insert the included driver CD-ROM. Then click « Start « Execute « Search. Select your CD-ROM drive under "Search in". Then double-click "SigmaTel" to open it and then copy “STIR4200 “ to the driver directory “WIN”. Select “Setup“ and click « Open « OK to confirm. The "InstallShield Wizard" opens in a new window. Click « Next to proceed. You can specify the installation directory. We recommend using the standard settings. Then click « Next. The “InstallShield Wizard complete” message appears. Insert the adapter into an unused USB connection. If it is already connected, remove it and insert it again after a brief period. Installation starts. Click « Finish. Note for Windows 98SE: When prompted to do so, place the Windows 98 CD in the drive and click OK. (You may need to enter the letter assigned to your CD-ROM drive). Windows 98SE/ME: When the “InstallShield Wizard has installed USB-IrDA adapter successfully” message is displayed, select “Yes, restart computer now” and click « Finish. Windows restarts. Checking the installation Windows 98SE/ME: To do so, click « Start « Settings « Control Panel « System « Device manager. The following must appear without a yellow exclamation point: Connections (COM and LPT): Virtual infrared COM connection and virtual infrared LPT connection Infrared devices: Infrared communication device Network cards: USB-IrDA adapter Windows 2000: To do so, click « Start « Settings « Control Panel « System « Hardware « Device manager. The entry "USB-IrDA adapter" must appear without a yellow exclamation point. L Quick Quide 00039704bda 07.03.2005 15:27 Uhr Seite 5 .....
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