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    Please read the following instructions carefullyand observe the safety instructions. 1. Safety instructions Before you use the refill kit, there are a few basic points to bear in mind. Quality inks will adhere to all absorbent textiles and can quickly cause unsightly stains. To prevent ink damage in advance, please adhere to the following instructions: - The refill kit can only be used successfully with the empty original cartridge if it is still in working order. If the cartridge is damaged or contains dried residue, we cannot guarantee that it will function correctly after it has been refilled. - Do not wait until your cartridge is completely empty before you refill it. You should refill the cartridge as soon as the print starts to become fainter or white stripes appear in the text. This will prevent the ink drying in the cartridge and will thus extend its service life. - Only use the refill kit in a safe place to prevent staining. To be completely sure you should wear old clothes so that if any ink sprays nothing of value will be damaged. Lay out an old newspaper on the worktop on which you intend to use the refill kit. - Keep the kit out of the reach of children and wear the gloves supplied before and whilst you use the kit. Hama GmbH & Co. cannot accept any liability for clothing, furniture or other items that may be soiled with ink. If, despite all your precautions, fresh ink gets on to your textiles, wash it out immediately in lukewarm water using a brush and soap. 2. To refill the cartridge Preparation: Put on the supplied gloves and carefully open a bottle of ink. When you have unscrewed the cap, affix the needle and safety cap securely to the top of the bottle. Step 1: Take the functional, almost empty original cartridge out of your printer and place it on a firm worktop, which you have previously covered with newspaper. Then insert the cartridge into the refilling station. Step 2: Affix the supplied label to the cartridge and drill a refill opening at each of the specified points. After drilling the holes clean your drill bit with the cloth since otherwise you will contaminate the next chamber with the ink from the previous chamber. Step 3: Now take each of the refilling bottles in turn and remove the safety cap from the needle. Insert the needle into the refill opening at an angle. Ensure that you select the correct colour. Squeeze the bottle very carefully during the refill process. Fill the cartridge with a maximum of 5 ml of each ink colour (this corresponds to approx. one line on the bottle). Never attempt to insert more ink since otherwise the ink may leak. Step 4: Seal the refill holes .....
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