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    6 7 C. Set it one by one, the function of the buttons on keyboard can be achieved through the defined button. Eg.: Now we set F5 button on the keyboard to button 7: Click “Set” button in the front of button 7, after dialogue block is shoot, click F5 on the keyboard and press ENTER for confirmation, F5 will be displayed inside the white block in the back of button 7’s setting position, which shows the setting is over. D. After finishing editing, it can be saved, loaded or cleared if necessary. 4) Enter Adjustment for calibration: In the above test procedures, if each axis’ indicating cursor can not return to center position or if it locates in the four sides, you can click “Adjustment” for calibration. (Check -> Next -> Check -> Next -> Save) 5) Motor test: Click test page menu “Vibration” to enter into motor test page, click “Manual”, push control stick forward, backward and leftward by hand, motor will respectively vibrates. During test, vibration intensity and speed can be changed; meanwhile you can click “Auto” to have it automatically tested ( Note: this joystick’s left and right motors are merged ) 5. Trouble shootings: 1) Software and hardware still can’t work when its installation is finished. A Check whether the joystick is strongly fixed with PC. B DirectX version is too low, it requires DirectX7.0 and up version. C If it still can’t work normally, please restart PC. 2) After entering into games, some analog axes have no function or operate automatically. Check whether control stick is calibrated or confirmed after being calibrated ( Note: all axis should be positioned in the center ) , if the calibration has no reaction, re-insert it ( w/ auto- centered function ) 3) Motor has no vibration on test platform DirectX version is too low, it requires a DirectX7.0 and up version. 4) After inserting flight joystick, no driving program can be found: While installing Driver last time and the Windows requires to specify some file’s path, it jumps over some file or it has appointed wrong files. The solution is to delete the corresponding equipment with “!” symbol under the menu of “man-machine port”, ,“Somatological Input Equipment”, “Hidclass” or “Sound, Video and Game Controller”, then re-insert the joystick to PC and you’ll find the flight joystick’s driving system. Button Function Layout 8-Way-Coolie-Hat (Directional Control (POV)) Thrust control (Z axis) UP/Down Control Axis (Y axis) Right/Left Control Axis (X axis) Right/Left Twist function (RZ axis) 8 9 1. En bref: Nous vous remercions de l‘intérêt que vous portez à nos produits et pour .....
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