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    Mains adapter: AC 230 V / 50 Hz - 12 V 500 mA Battery charger : DC 9 – 24 V; min. 2.7 W Battery Size NiCD/NiMH Rec. Capacity Charging current Charging time AA Mignon 2 1200 – 3500 mAh 600 mA ca. 2.4 –7.0 h Pack KAA2HR 1200 – 3500 mAh 600 mA ca. 2.6 –7.0 h Pack NH-10 1200 – 3500 mAh 600 mA ca. 2.6 –7.0 h Battery fast charger »Delta Twain« • 2 AA batteries or type KAA2HR or NH-10 battery packs can be charged • Because of high current level when charging, batteries with a lower capacity than shown in the table should not be used. • Only use quick-charge NiCD/NiMH batteries and battery packs! • An additional safety timer shuts off the charger if the maximum charging time is exceeded. Charging the batteries: Insert the batteries or the battery pack in the right direction. See the labels on the charging slot! Only charge batteries with the same capacity and the same charge levels simultaneously. Charging starts automatically when you insert the batteries, the red LED lights continuously. The precise, processor-controlled -∆V charge shutoff ensures that the batteries are charged to their optimum. When the batteries are fully charged, the battery char- ger stops the charging process. This protects the batteries from excessive charging. The green LED now lights continuously to indicate that charging is complete. The charger switches to the charging complete state after varying amounts of time depending on the initial condition of the batteries! Then switches to trickle charge to prevent the batteries becoming discharged, therefore batteries can stay in the charger and remain ready for use. The fast charge can cause the batteries to heat up considerably, which means the device and power supply unit should never be covered while charging! Discharging: This only makes sense with NiCD batteries to avoid the memory effect. NiCD batteries should be completely discharged at regular intervals (after 10 charging cycles at the latest) before recharging. This retains their entire usable memory capacity. Completely discharging and then charging the batteries afterwards reformats and retains the entire memory area. After inserting the batteries, press the button until the display changes to yellow. The batteries are discharged and then charged. Discharging batteries requires a lot of time! Approximately 8 hours for each 1000mAh. Due to the different chemical composition, discharging does not make sense for NiMH batteries and is not necessary. Display: Three coloured LEDs indicate the current function of the battery charger. Yellow: Discharging Red: Charging Green: Charged, trickle charge No display: .....
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