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    6 7 - Select the headset and follow the remaining instructions in the phone or in the operating instructions of the phone. - If you are asked for the passkey or PIN, confirm this by entering 0000. - Pairing is now complete. The yellow LED goes out and the LED now flashes blue regularly (approx. every 2 seconds). This indicates that the headset is ready for operation (standby). The headset is now ready for operation and can be used. Use/Call management Answering calls You can answer incoming calls using the headset. Incoming calls are signalled audibly in the headset. Press the „ON/ OFF“ button – the call is accepted. Ending calls Press the „ON/OFF“ button to end calls. Making calls Ensure that your headset is „connected“ to the telephone. Calls are made as usual, with the exception that the headset is used to make the call. Making calls using voice dialling To make calls using voice dialling, the corresponding voice profiles must be set up/stored in your phone. Your telephone must also support this function in Bluetooth mode (hands- free profiles only). For more information, please refer to the operating instructions of your mobile phone. Voice dialling using the headset operates in the same manner as if you were making a call using the phone. The only difference is that voice dialling is activated using the headset, not the phone. - Press the “ON/OFF” button. - A short tone indicates that voice dialling has been activated. - Say the correct name or the voice profile of the person you wish to call. - The call will be made. Transferring calls (hands-free profiles only) Press and hold the „ON/OFF“ button for approx. 3 seconds to transfer calls from the headset to the mobile phone as well as from the mobile phone to the headset during a call. Please note: With some mobile phones, the connection between the telephone and the headset is automatically disconnected after a certain period, or the devices must be connected manually after both devices (headset and mobile phone) are switched on. If this is the case, no call signal is heard via the headset for incoming calls. To establish the connection for incoming calls, press the „ON/OFF“ button. Volume control Press the volume button to set the volume of the headset as required. The volume can also be controlled via the telephone. Music playback The headset can be used for music playback in combination with various playback devices (mobile phone, MP3-player, PC/laptop, etc). However, keep in mind that the headset is only compatible with components that support one of the required Bluetooth profiles (A2DP or AVRCP) for stereo playback. .....
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