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    6 7 Using the Car Kit Once pairing is completed and battery is fully charged, you may access the following functions. Some of the below-mentioned function is only accessible for handsets with Hands-Free Profile. (a) CallAnswer: To answer a call, wait for the ringing tone from car kit speaker, then press the MFB to accept the call or answer the call via your mobile handset in the normal way. Mean while you can hear a short beep from the speaker. (b) CallEnd: Press the MFB, to end your call or end the call via your mobile handset in the normal way. Mean while you can hear a short beep from the speaker. (c) CallReject: When you hear the ringing tone, press and hold the MFB for 3 seconds until you hear a short beep. (d) VoiceDial: If your mobile handset is voice dialing enabled, under standby mode, press the MFB and when you hear a beep, say the voice tag. IMPORTANT: Please make sure to record voice tag into the mobile handset before using voice dialing function. This function is only applicable to mobile handset with Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile. Functionality varies depending on the mobile handset models you have. Please refer to your mobile handset user guide for additional information. (e) LastNumberRe-Dial: Under standby mode, press MFB twice for last number redial. (f) VolumeAdjustment: During conversation in progress, tune the volume switch until you reach the desired volume level. LED Indication Status LED Power On & Standby Flash green every 3 seconds Power Off Off Dialing Out Flash green every 2 seconds Answering Calls Flash green every 2 seconds Pairing in Progress Constant on Pairing Completed Flash green every 3 seconds MFB – Multi-Function Button Press Press to MFB Time Power On/Off 3 seconds 1 time Pairing 6 seconds 1 time Answering Calls 1 second 1 time Ending Calls 1 second 1 time Call Reject 3 seconds 1 time Voice Dialing 1 second 1 time Last Number Redial 1 second 2 times Registration and Safety Certification/General Information This device bears the CE symbol as specified by the provisions of Directive R & TTE (1999/5/EC). Hama GmbH & Co. KG hereby declares that this device is in compliance with the basic requirements and other relevant guideline and regulations of the 1999/5/EC guideline. You will find the declaration of conformity in the Internet at (1) Fiche CC (2) Haut-parleur (3) Interrupteur du volume (4) DEL (5) Microphone intégré (6) Touche MFB multifonctions (8) Bague d’adaptation Premiers pas Pour utiliser votre kit voiture Bluetooth, connectez-le à la prise de votre allume-cigares. La DEL clignote toutes les 3 secondes indiquant que votre kit voiture .....
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